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About me

I am the leader of the ”Childhood Cancer Health Care Research” group and 2017 I was accepted as Associate Professor of Pediatric Care Science at KI. I perform research in Intercultural Care & Clinical Ethics; the research aims at increasing knowledge about the relationship between patient/family and healthcare professionals with different cultures/languages ​​and how ethical difficult situations can be handled. I also work with clinical ethical support and am a member of a Nordic ethical working group in pediatric oncology. I am also a pediatric nurse specialist and worked during 2000-2014 with pediatric oncology at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital.

I am active in several international collaborations, among other things, I work in a Nordic working group on ethics (member 2008 still, chairman 2014-2018), which aims to be a Nordic competence group that develops and disseminates knowledge and methods for ethical support in pediatric oncology. Within SIOP (International Society of Pediatric Oncology) I am active in the Nursing Steering Committee (Member of 2015, Chairman 2016-still); focused on “improving the lives of children with cancer and their families worldwide.”

Area of interest/competence: pediatric oncology nursing, intercultural care, clinical ethics, qualitative research, grounded theory


Doctor of Philosophy in Pediatric Science, 2008

Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Nursing – Pediatric Care, KI, 60 hp

Universitety Diploma in Childhood Cancer Care, Gothenburg University, 2007, 

University Certificate in Nursing, Vårdhögskolan i Stockholm, 1994

Research description

In the Childhood Cancer Health Care Research group we perform research in two closely related areas: intercultural care and clinical ethics.

Intercultural care includes studies on experiences of healthcare professionals, parents and interpreters in pediatric cancer care. The results include different obstacles to intercultural care relationships and how they can be handled. A questionnaire has been developed and used in a national study on communication across language barriers

Clinical ethics include studies on ethically difficult situations in care and how healthcare professionals can handle these through, for example, ethics case reflection sessions in the healthcare team. Questionnaires about the ethical climate and moral distress have, after translation and cultural adaptation, been used in a national study.

Teaching portfolio

I teach intercultural care, clinical ethics and qualitative methodology. In addition, I am course coordinator and lecturer of a national education in “Pediatric Oncology for Nurses” in cooperation with continuing professional development at Karolinska Institutet and The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. I am also responsible for a Nordic educational program in facilitating ethics case reflection sessions in the care team, organized by a Nordic working group in ethics in pediatric oncology in collaboration with VU University.

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