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M.D, 2010, Karolinska Institutet

Ph.D, Immunology, 2011, Karolinska Institutet

Postdoc, 2012-2013, Stanford University School of Medicine

Research description

Our team is aiming to understand human immune system variation in health and disease, and understand the factors that shape human immune systems. We are also interested in defining better metrics of immune system health. 


As a resident in pediatrics at the Karolinska University Hospital, I have a particular interest in understanding when and how human immune systems are shaped by environmental exposures such as infections, vaccines, nutritional components and more.


We are firmly convinced that the way to understand human immune systems and their variation, it is essential that all system components are analyzed simultaneously and relathionships between these taken into account. This have recently been made possible with the development of novel high-dimensional methods operating at single-cell resolution, such as Mass cytometry and scRNA-seq.


To analyze human immune systems at the Systems-level, we are developing novel analyses algorithms and pipelines.

More information about our work is available here:


Academic honours, awards and prizes

Wallenberg Clinical Fellow, 2017

ERC starting grant 2015

VR young researcher grant 2015

SSMF young researcher grant 2014

Wenner-Gren Fellow 2012

Prins Bertil's award, Sweden-America Foundation 2012

Mary Bevé award 2009

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