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About me

Rafiq is a PhD candidate at Karolinska Institutet developing a predictive decision support model for complex patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions of Diabetes, Cardiovascular and Chronic Kidney Diseases.
He is interested in applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in complex patients.


Application of the GRADE Approach in the Development of Guidelines and Recommendations in Genomic Medicine
Rafiq M, Boccia S
Genomics insights 2018;11():1178631017753360-

Business model framework applications in health care: A systematic review
Fredriksson Jj, Mazzocato P, Muhammed R, Savage C
Health services management research 2017;30(4):219-226

Time-driven activity-based costing in health care: A systematic review of the literature
Keel G, Savage C, Rafiq M, Mazzocato P
Health policy (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2017;121(7):755-763

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing: a systematic review of european guidelines, recommendations, and position statements
Rafiq M, Ianuale C, Ricciardi W, Boccia S
Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers 2015;19(10):535-47


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