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About me

Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet with over ten years of experience in research and education in toxicology and environmental medicine. Risk assessment and science-to-policy is my main field of interest and I have active projects both at Swetox (Swedish center for toxicological sciences) and at the Institute of Environmental Medicine.
I enjoy working in the truely multi-disciplinary research field of chemical risk assessment and has a large network of contacts among Swedish and international agencies and organizations.
Beside ordinary research activities I am chairing the National Committee for European Registered toxicologists (ERT) and are a Swedish representative the the Nordic Expert Group, a Nordic collaboration for production of criteria documents on chemicals for occupational exposure limits.

Research description

Current research projects as main project leader:

  • Experimental design aligned with dose-response modelling as a means for 3R in toxicity testing (Financial support: Swedish Research Council)
  • Bayesian dose-response modelling aligned with experimental design as means to improve chemical risk assessment (Financial support: Swedish Research Council)
  • Kemiska olyckor i arbetslivet – systematisk analys av giftinformationscentralens arbetsmiljörelaterade data (Financial support: AFA Försäkring)

Other reasech projects:

  • EDC-MixRisk, safe chemicals for future generations (Financial support: European Union’s Horizon 2020)
  • EDC-2020, a project about endocrine disrupting chemicals (Financial support: Formas)
  • Elimination and effects of PFAS in drinking water in Sweden (Collaboration with Lund University).
  • Modern methods for estimation of in vivo dose and genotoxic potency as components for cancer risk assessment (Collaboration with Stockholm University).
  • DECRA: Developing Comparative Risk Assessment into a useful tool for substituting hazardous chemicals (Collaboration with Gothenburg University)

Teaching portfolio

My teaching activities include lectures, cource leadership, supervising master and PhD student.

I have been the main supervisor for two PhD students:

  • Mia Johansson (2016) - Asthmatics as a susceptible population in health risk assessment of airbourne chemicals
  • Joakim Ringblom (2016) - Worth weighting for - Studies on benchmark dose analysis in relation to animal ethics in toxicity testing
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