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About me

Medical doctor, Oncology specialist, PhD in Experimental Pathology on Brain tumors. EMBA. Entreprenur. Senior consultant in Oncology at Christinakliniken, Sophiahemmet in Stockholm.


1987-1993: Medical education, Karolinska Institutet
1995: Licensed clinical doctor (Lindesbergs lasarett/Karolinska Institutet)
2002: Specialist in General Oncology (Radiumhemmet, Karolinska University Hospital
1998-2005 (part time): PhD training, Febr 11th, 2005: Dissertation in Experimental Pathology of the thesis "The Epidemiology, Biology and Genetics of Human Astrocytic Tumours", Department of Oncology-Pathology, Karolinska Institutet. Main supervisor Peter Collins, co-supervisor Dan Grandér.
2009-2010 (part time): Executive MBA (EMBA) at Stockholm School of Economics
(SSE; Handelshögskolan).
2013-2014 (part time): Patient safety at Royal Institute of Technology/Karolinska

Research description

Primary brain tumors, Brain metastases, Skin cancer prevention, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Lead times in cancer diagnostics, Clinical Trials.

Teaching portfolio

~~2001-2006 independent teaching and teaching administration on 30-50%
of a full-time. Starting 1998 with group seminars/case based teaching
of Medical students on the Oncology course, semester 11.  In 1999 adjust
ing the cases for the group seminar in Acute oncology. Starting 1999 as group seminars leader and PBL (problem based learning) seminar leader for Biomedic
ine students on the Oncology-Tumor Biology course, semester 5. Startin
g 2001 as lecturer.
Medical students on the Oncology course, semester 11, and Biomedicine students, semester 5. Also lecturing about cancer on the Nursing programme as
well as on post-graduate educations for nurses. Also lecturing for Health science
students at KI, for staff in the Pharma Industry, for Radiophysics students at
KI/Stockholm University, etc.
In total >800 contact hours (i.e. excluding preparation time, development work, correcting exams, etc) at KI since 1998.

Since Fall 2016 teaching and managing courses in Oncology-Tumor Biology and Translational medicine at DIS. Third-year students from 200 different American universities.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Pedagogic prize, Department of Oncology-Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, 2002.

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