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About me

I am a nutritionist and since 2010 employed at IMM, where I started working as a research assistant in the ESTRID study. In 2013, I began my doctoral studies with the focus on nutrition and the risk of developing latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA).


MSc Nutrition, Stockholm University, 2010

Research description

The aim of my doctoral project is to identify dietary factors influencing the risk of developing an autoimmune form of diabetes called LADA. LADA is characterized by autoimmunity (similar to typ 1 diabetes) but also a degree of insulin resistance (similar to type 2 diabetes). I want to investigate the role of diet on the risk of LADA and further to investigate whether the role of diet differs depending on the genetic profile. My studies also include type 2 diabetes in order to find similarities and differences between type 2 diabetes and LADA with regard to these dietary factors.


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