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JvS is a specialist in general surgery specialised in global disaster medicine

Research description

The reserach aims at providing scientific evidence to support improvements in assisting peopl and populations affected by disasters worldwide. The reserach explores how health needs and risks vary depending on type of disaster and context. The studies also include optimal use of trauma care with limited resources and predictions models for early trauma mortality.

Teaching portfolio

The centre for reserach on health care in disasters runs severeal courses that focuses on managing significant number of disaster affected including management of injuries. The courses cover both clinical and public aspects of disasters using limited resources. The courses include the Erasmus Mundud course "public health in disasters", A 20 ECT course "public health reponse in disasters" a two week elective course in "disasters medicine" for medical students 

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  • Awarded Swede of the year 2014 by the news magazine Fokus
  • Awardes the Prins Carl medal by the Swedish King in 2014 for outstanding humanitarian work


Hospital Workload for Weapon-Wounded Females Treated by the International Committee of the Red Cross: More Work Needed than for Males
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[Challenges and opportunities for the next generation in global health]
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Funding based on needs? A study on the use of needs assessment data by a major humanitarian health assistance donor in its decisions to allocate funds
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[Surgery is needed in low and middle income countries. Highly cost-effective public health intervention]
Von Schreeb J
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Surgical management of closed crush injury-induced compartment syndrome after earthquakes in resource-scarce settings
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Time for order in chaos! A health system framework for foreign medical teams in earthquakes
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Timing and type of disaster severity data available on Internet following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
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[Adverse effect of Sifrol or not?]
Von Schreeb J
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Improved Response to Disasters and Outbreaks by Tracking Population Movements with Mobile Phone Network Data: A Post-Earthquake Geospatial Study in Haiti
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[International disaster medicine should be regulated. The experts meeting in Cuba a starting point for better cooperation and coordination]
Wladis A, Von Schreeb J
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Low referral completion of rapid diagnostic test-negative patients in community-based treatment of malaria in Sierra Leone
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[There is difference between humanitarian and military medical aid]
Von Schreeb J
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Human Resource and Funding Constraints for Essential Surgery in District Hospitals in Africa: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Survey
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[Tuberculosis in Somalia with consequences in Sweden]
Winstrand A, Kulane A, Von Schreeb J
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Increasing Access to Surgical Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Priorities for National and International Agencies Recommended by the Bellagio Essential Surgery Group
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Foreign field hospitals in the recent sudden-onset disasters in Iran, Haiti, Indonesia, and Pakistan
Von Schreeb J, Riddez L, Samnegård H, Rosling H
Prehospital and disaster medicine 2008;23(2):144-51

War and public health
Von Schreeb J

[A new group of professionals a solution for physicians shortage. Specialized for life-threatening obstetric and surgical problems]
Von Schreeb J
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Mortality in Iraq
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Von Schreeb J
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[Health is more than just health care. Working in poor countries gives new perspectives on the whole spectrum of the medical profession]
Von Schreeb J
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Health needs of Palestinians
Von Schreeb J
LANCET 2002;360(9334):723-

[The debate on physicians' morals must go on!]
Von Schreeb J
Lakartidningen 1999;96(41):4406-7

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In 1989 JvS did his first mission with Médecins Sans Frontières MSF. He has since then continued to work with MSF in disasters world wide, most recently following the Philippine typhoon in 2013. JvS is a co-founder of the Swedish section of MSF and served as its President for seven years. He also regularly works with WHO and has co-authored the WHO publication "Classification and standards for Foreign Medical Teams (FMT) in sudden onset disasters" He most recently worked for WHO as the FMT Ebola coordinator in Sierra Leone in 2014.


Based on his field experience as a front line surgeon he recently published the book “Katastrofdoktorn” Brombergs förlag