Jhon Álvarez Ahlgren

Jhon Álvarez Ahlgren

Administrative Officer | Arvodist | PhD candidate
Telephone: +46852486270
Mobile phone: +46701628864
Visiting address: Nobels väg 15 A, 17165 Solna
Postal address: GVS Gemensamt verksamhetsstöd, GVS RSO GMO, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I am a PhD student at the Department of Global Public Health, within the Community Nutrition and Physical Activity research group [1].

    I work part-time as Compliance Coordinator for EU-funded research projects at the Grants Management Office [2] and I coordinate the research network KI Lifestyle4Health [3].

    Previous experience:
    I have a background in Dentistry and I hold a Master Degree in Public Health in Disasters and low-resource settings. I worked in clinical dentistry for more than 3 years in the public sector and participated in a number of health outreaches to isolated and indigenous communities with limited access to healthcare. I have worked with rural communities in the Andes mountains, the Amazon and other low-resource settings in Venezuela.

    I worked for 3 years in a research implementation project on non-communicable disease prevention funded by the European Commission - SMART2D [4-5].

    In 2020 I served as a Research Consultant with the Ignorance Hunting Team at Gapminder Foundation [6]. Gapminder was started by the late Professor Hans Rosling, his son Ola Rosling and daughter in law Anna Rönnlund Rosling to "Fight devastating ignorance with a fact-based worldview that everyone can understand"

    - Degree in Dental Sciences
    - Master degree in Public Health in Disasters and low-resource settings

    Academic honours, awards and prizes
    - Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Award for the Master Program in Public Health in Disasters and low-resource settings

    [1] https://ki.se/en/gph/community-nutrition-and-physical-activity-conpa-0
    [2] https://staff.ki.se/gmo-grants-management-office
    [3] https://ki.se/en/research/ki-lifestyle4health
    [4] https://ki.se/en/gph/smart2d

    [5] https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/643692
    [6] https://www.gapminder.org/


  • My research focuses on the scalability, social health-determinants, cost effectiveness and evaluation of implementations strategies of a school-based
    intervention for obesity prevention in children through parental support. My PhD project is nested in the IMPROVE study [1]

    [1] https://ki.se/gph/om-forskningsstudien-improve


  • I am passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. During my Master studies I was deeply inspired by outstanding teachers in global health, such as Professor Hans Rosling. I strive to transmit knowledge in an easy and understandable way for all possible audiences.

    I teach on the following topics:

    - Basic concepts in Global Health: determinants, disease burden and data tools.
    - Scalability of public health interventions.
    - Oral health - Global challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Previous teaching experience as guest lecturer:

    - Master program in Global Health at Uppsala University 2020-22.
    - Master program in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet 2019-.
    - Elective cross-program course in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet 2017-
    - Elective course in Global Health for dentistry students at Karolinska Institutet 2021-
    - Master Program in Public Health in disasters and low-resource settings at Oviedo university, Spain 2017-2018
    - Guest lecturer and panelist in the 2020 course At war with the virus: Coping with COVID-19. An online multidisciplinary global health summer course organized jointly by the School of Health Sciences at Central Michigan University and Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, Department of Global Health in the USA. I contributed to this session by describing the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic in Venezuela, the health system response put in place and by sharing my insights about the challenges and lessons learned during the beginning of the outbreak from a public and global health perspective.



  • Administrative Officer, Central Administration, Karolinska Institutet, 2024-
  • Administrative Officer, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institutet, 2024-2025
  • Arvodist, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet, 2024-2025
  • PhD candidate, Implementation science, obesity prevention, public health interventions, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet, 2023-2024

Degrees and Education

  • Master in Public Health, Disasters and Humanitarian interventions, Karolinska Institutet, 2016
  • Degree in Dental Sciences, DDS, University of the Andes, 2012

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