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About me

Helena Lindgren holds a position as senior lecturer and is also an associate professor specializing in reproductive and perinatal health. Helena has dual registration as nurse and midwife. She has a PhD in medical science. She has extensive experience from teaching at midwifery programs and master program in care sciences. 



Dalarna University, Certified nurse 1992-93    

Mälardalen University, Certified midwife  1998-99

Mälardalen University, Masters degree 2002  

PhD Karolinska Institutet 2008-05-16




Research description

My research focus is mainly on prevention of birth injuries and improved care for women who don't speak Swedish. Research projects where I'm principal investigator.

MIMA - Midwives' management during second stage of labor

The Södertälje Bridge

Emma (co-leader Erica Schytt) Improved care for migrant women

Academic honours, awards and prizes




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