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About me

I am a PhD in medical management with a previous background as a physiotherapist and with a Master of Science in Public Health. My research focus is on implementation of different types of improvement interventions in health care organizations and how the context and implementation process is related to the outcomes of these interventions.


2017 PhD, Medical sciences, Karolinska Institutet

2009 Master of science in Public Health, Uppsala University

2006 Licensed Physiotherapist, Uppsala University

Research description

I am involved in three different interventions conducted in different health care organizations. My focus is to evaluate the implementation of these projects including analyses of hindering and facilitating factors, analyses of implementation fidelity and how implementation factors influence implementation fidelity as well as analyses of how implementation factors are related to the outcomes of the interventions.

The first project is a competence development intervention that was conducted by the Vårdal Institute. The intervention aimed to improve palliative care in residential care for older people in Malmö, Sweden. Together with Henna Hasson and Agneta Törnquist, SU, I have evaluated how the implementation of the intervention influenced the transfer of individual learning to organizational learning.

I also work with Terese Stenfors-Hayes, Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz and Henna Hasson among others in the LeanHealth project where we help a hospital integrate health promotion and worker protection with their quality improvement system. My focus is especially on evaluating the implementation of the project and to evaluate how the implementation process is related to implementation outcomes and employee outcomes.

The third project that I am working on, together with Henna Hasson, Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz, Rebecca Mosson and Anne Richter, is a participatory training intervention in primary care. The aim of the intervention is to improve employees’ knowledge and use of electronic information and communication in their daily work. We will evaluate the intervention effects and also investigate how readiness for change is related to the outcomes.

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