Gunilla Lööf

Gunilla Lööf

Affiliated to Research
Visiting address: Solnavägen 9, Biomedicum B5, 17165 Solna
Postal address: C3 Fysiologi och farmakologi, C3 FyFa Anestesiologi, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I have worked as an anesthesia nurse for over 25 years at Astrid Lindgren's
    Children's Hospital in Solna and I defended my doctoral thesis on 17 May
    2019, which deals with web-based preparation of children for anesthesia and
    surgery. At Karolinska Institutet, I am affiliated with the Medical
    Interactions group (MINT) [1]at the Center for Health Informatics (HIC) [2]
    at the LIME Department [3].
    -------- The Anaesthesia Web - Narkoswebben ----------------------------------
    Examples of the development work I have been responsible for include *The
    Anaesthesia web [4]*, which aims to prepare children, youth and relatives for
    hospital stays, anesthesia and surgery. Studies have shown that children (and
    parents) absorb information better via the web than through a brochure. The
    Anesthesia Web, which has been available since 2006, is today an established
    part of Swedish pediatric care and has visitors from around 120 different
    countries every month.
    -------- MediPrep ------------------------------------------------------------
    Right now I work as a project manager for a Heritage Fund-financed national
    information portal, *MediPrep [5]*, which takes a comprehensive approach to
    information and preparation for children and youth before contact with health
    and medical care. By bringing together medical digital information on a
    common platform, MediPrep aims to let all children and youth know where they
    can find equivalent, easily accessible, age-appropriate information
    regardless of what and where in the country they seek health care.
    -------- NKS + KI = TRUE -----------------------------------------------------
    The Anesthesia Web, MediPrep and related research exemplify examples of
    interprofessional research together with children and young people as an
    excellent collaboration between NKS and KI and not least direct clinical
    implementation of research results. I hope that in the future we see an
    increased collaboration between clinic and academy!
    The work with The Anesthesia Web has attracted attention in the prestigious
    medical journal *The Lancet [6]* (Vol 6 January 2022)!
    Read more about it (and read the Lancet article as a pdf) in a news item from
    Karolinska University Hospital: *Narkoswebben uppmärksammas [7] *(google
    translate the article)
    -------- Publications --------------------------------------------------------
    *2022: *Lööf G, Lönnqvist PA. The Role of Information and Preparation for
    improvement of Pediatric Perioperative Care. /Accepted for publication in
    Pediatric Anesthesia. * */
    *2021: *Alm F, Lööf G, Blomberg K, Ericsson E.* *Establishment of
    resilience in a challenging recovery at home after pediatric tonsil surgery
    — Children’s and caregivers’ perspectives. /Paediatric Neonatal Pain.
    2021 00:1–12.  /
    *2019: *Lööf G, Andersson-Papadogiannakis N, Silén C. Children´s use of
    and experiences with a web-based perioperative preparation program: Directed
    content analysis. /Journal of Medical Internet Research/Perioperative
    Medicine. 2019 Apr 12
  • 2(1)./
    / /*2019: *Lööf G, Andersson-Papadogiannakis N, Silén C. Children´s own
    perspectives demonstrate the need to improve paediatric perioperative
    care. /Nursing Open./


  • Affiliated to Research, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, 2024-2026
  • Affiliated to Research, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institutet, 2022-2024

Degrees and Education

  • Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy, Department of Learning, informatics, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institutet, 2019
  • Graduate Diploma, Karolinska Institutet, 2005
  • Bachelor Of Medical Science, Karolinska Institutet, 2001

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