Göran Walldius

Göran Walldius

Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Visiting address: Nobels väg 13, 17177 Stockholm
Postal address: C6 Institutet för miljömedicin, C6 Epidemiologi Feychting, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • During all the years since 1973 I have worked as an internist and cardiologist at Karolinska University Hospital. I have also been doing research at King Gustaf V research institute (GV) and from 1996 also as Adjunct Professor in collaboration with AstraZeneca at the medical institution, Karolinska institutet. In 2000 I moved to IMM, Institute for Environmental Medicine, unit of Cardiovascular Epidemiology.


  • Metabolic and inflammatory risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer

    My research is focused on the influence of metabolic and inflammatory abnormalities risk factors for subsequent cardiovascular, atherosclerotic, diabetic and cancer diseases. Since 1985 we are running the AMORIS (Apolipoprotein-related MOrtality RISk) study in close collaboration with Ingmar Jungner, the founder of the Central Automation Laboratory, CALAB. We investigate if the atherogenic apolipoprotein (apo)B, and the anti-atherogenic apoA-I are stronger risk factors for myocardial infarction and stroke than the conventional LDL (the bad) and HDL (the good) cholesterol. Our study results are based on laboratory data from 175 000 men and women from the greater Stockholm area followed for 20 years. From linkages to various health and disease registers we have, so far, found that the balance between the bad apoB and the good apoA-I the apoB/apoA-I ratio - is a stronger risk factor for myocardial infarction and stroke than the LDL/HDL ratio. ApoB and apoA-I are now being introduced in clinical care in many Swedish health care centers.


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