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About me

I am a Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist from the University of La Laguna (Spain). I graduated as a PhD in 2012 also at the University of La Laguna (Spain). I have been working at Karolinska Institutet since 2012. Currently I am leading several lines of research and I supervise several PhD students, Master students and Degree students. I also collaborate with other research groups from KI, other centers in Sweden, and other International groups. I am Co-Director of GENIC (Group of Neuropsychological Studies of the Canary Islands, University of La Laguna, Spain).

Research description

My main research interest is Normal Aging and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. The main focus is put in cognition and neuroimaging but genetic factors, CSF biomarkers, and clinical and socio-demographic variables are part of my research as well. 

Projects available for students (Master, Degree, Guests, etc.):

- “Subjective Cognitive Decline”: You will investigate the clinical value of subjective cognitive complaints in cognitively normal people, and their association with neuroimaging, CSF biomarkers, cognition, and emotion.

- “Brain atrophy and subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease”:  You will study brain atrophy by different techniques. You will also study different subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease, looking at prevalence, clinical characterization, and progression over time.

- "Cognitive reserve": You will investigate the fascinating topic of cognitive reserve. We will study the neuroanatomical basis of cognitive reserve but also how this can be used clinically.


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