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About me

About me

I am associate professor in care sciences and senior lecturer at the division for nursing. At the moment I primarily focus on research and research supervision. 


Licensed psychologist, 1991
PhD, Uppsala University, 1999

Research group

I'm leading a multidisciplinary research group together with associate professor Lena Wettergren. The Lampic & Wettergren group has 13 members, including senior and junior researchers, postdocs and doctoral students. Our research concerns both reproductive and sexual health. 

Commission of trust

Member of Dissertation Committee, KI (2015-)

Member of Review panel H2: Health Care science, the Swedish Research Council (2014-)

Member of Prioritization Committee G: Clinical cancer research, health care sciences, the Swedish Cancer Society (2017-2020)

External member of Faculty Board, Mälardalen University (2017-2019)


I teach and supervise in basic and advanced programmes for nurses and midwifes, as well as in master programmes and research education. 

Research description

My research focuses on psychosocial aspects of cancer care and fertility/infertility. 

For more information about ongoing projects:

Fertility-related communication in cancer care

Fex-Can, Fertility and sexuality following cancer

Psychosocial aspects of oocyte and sperm donation

Sexuality and thoughts about fertility in childhood cancer survivors


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