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About me

I´ve been working as a researcher at Aging Research Center (ARC) since 2004. Today I have a position as Senior Lecturer within the Social Gerontology Sector. Before coming to ARC, I was working as a Junior Lecturer at the Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University. This was also where I conducted my PhD studies in Sociology. As of 2009 I´m an Associate Professor in Sociology. Besides doing research, my work at ARC entails being the Principal Investigator for the SWEdish Panel Study of Living Conditions of the Oldest OLD (SWEOLD). SWEOLD is a longitudinal, nationally representative, interview survey of the oldest old in Sweden. Since 2008 I´m the Director of Studies for the Graduate Research School on Health and Aging, at ARC. In this capacity, I´m responsible for the development and administration of the educational program, and for providing information on educational opportunities to all enrolled students. I’m also Course Director for the course: Society and Health; a part of the Psychology Program at Karolinska Institutet.


Associate Professor 2009 Associate Professor, Sociology, Stockholm University PhD 2001 PhD, Sociology, Stockholm University BSc 1991 BSc in Behavioural research with advanced studies in sociology, Stockholm University

Research description

My scientific research within the age and ageing area is wide-ranging and can be categorized within the following areas: Health status and health changes; social determinants of health and health inequalities; social and economic living conditions; social participation and loneliness; and intergenerational transfers and support. A further focus of my research is the methodological challenges involved in studying the oldest old. Together with my colleagues I’m analyzing how different patterns of sample inclusion/exclusion influence the prevalence estimates for different health indicators and the impact of drop outs and selective mortality on the population representativeness at different follow ups in longitudinal studies. I am supervising two doctoral students at Stockholm University and in the past she has co-supervised two doctoral students to the completion of their studies.

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