Carina Bois

Carina Bois

Educational Technologist
Telephone: +46852484140
Visiting address: ,
Postal address: TL Undervisning och lärande, TL Digitalt lärande, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I work at the Unit for Digital Learning in the Department of Teaching and Learning. I work as a learning technology advisor, advising staff at the
    university in the use of our LMS Canvas and other technologies for teaching and learning. You can consult with me about how best to use educational
    technologies available at KI in your teaching practice.


  • My teaching practice centers on providing training for KI staff in effectively utilizing our Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas.
    Specializing in course design, I strive to guide educators to create engaging and inclusive learning experiences. My approach is grounded in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, ensuring courses are not only effective but also accessible to all learners.
    I also advise KI staff on how to use other educational technologies to enhance the learning experience offered by Canvas, such as using video and other interactive tools. I create educational videos for the tools available at KI, some of which you will find on KI Play under EdTech.

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