PhD Student Seminars

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Here is your chance, as a PhD Student at the Department of Oncology Pathology, to present your project and data!

The seminars are held on Tuesdays at 12:15 in the Lecture Hall, CCK R8:00

During your time as a PhD student you should do at least 2 presentations and be chairperson once. The presentations should be 10-15 minutes followed by questions.

Please, send your title to the administrator of doctoral education at least one week in advance so that your presentation can be advertised on the department monitor and in the KI-calendar.

If you for a good reason cannot present at a given date please contact another person on the list and exchange dates. Send an e-mail to the administrator of doctoral education in such a case to up-date the list.


Document your participation at the seminars. Participation in:

  • 70 seminars will give 4,5 credit points,
  • 50 seminars will give 3 points and
  • 30 seminars will give 1,5 point.

This form can also be used to register participation in other seminars at the Department and outside the Department. Send the completed document of participation to the administrator of doctoral education before your half time control and/or dissertation.

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