Half-time review

The half-time review shall be carried out for every doctoral student who will be taking a doctorate and should be carried out two years after admission or when two years of full-time doctoral education or the equivalent has been completed.

The aim of the half time review is primarily to check that learning outcomes for doctoral education are well on the way to being achieved.

What is required to conduct the half time review?
At least 7.5 higher education credits in general courses must have been registered in the student's LADOK file prior to the half time review. At least one annual review of the research study plan must have been completed between registration and halftime control. All doctoral students admitted after 2009-07-01 shall have taken the compulsory introduction to doctoral education at KI. For PhD students admitted after 2018-01-01 at least 10 hp should be fullfilled and a statistics and research ethics course should be taken. For those who should perform their research in a lab,  a course in laboratory safety is mandatory before half time. For those conducting clinical research a course in quality assurance in clinical research should be passed.

The Board
The principal supervisor and the doctoral student are responsible for and will take initiative to carry out the half time review. The supervisor decides on a board consisting of three researchers with adequate knowledge of the subject who are independent from the project and who have obtained a doctoral degree.

Read more about the guidelines for half-time review at KI and get the half time review protocol


The half time review is announced within KI. To announce a calendar event contact the administrator of doctoral education. The half time review is conducted in English, usually as a public research seminar and with subsequent discussion. After the half time seminar the board has a meeting with supervisors, doctoral student (and often the external mentor), during which feedback and recommendations for the remaining education time are given.

The half time review protocol is completed and signed by the board members. It is then sent to the administrator of doctoral education for a follow up (with regard to the content of the protocol). The half-time review is registered in Ladok.