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All main supervisors who wants to start the recruitment of a new PhD student needs to get a 'green light' from the Department first. If the PhD student will be employed by KI, the PhD student position then needs to be advertised via MyNetwork. After 'green light'-approval and recruitment via MyNetwork, the application for admission can be handed in to the administrator of doctoral education at the Department. Deadline for application for admission is two weeks before the admission seminar.

Application form 'green light'. To be handed in to the administrator of doctoral education.

Scheduled admission seminars spring term 2018

Admission seminar Deadline for application
February 8, 13.00 January 25
April 5, 13.00 March 22
May 31, 13.00 May 17

The application (single-sided printing and NOT stapled!) should be composed of


  • (*) By KI approved assessment of eligibility (Form 1)
  • "Application for admission to graduate studies" (Form 2)
  • "Individual study plan" and enclosures (CVs, ethical permissions/applications, documents on supervisors' training in supervision) (Form 3)
  • A project plan (max. 5 pages) describing aim/hypothesis, background, material/methods, preliminary results, references and also the role of the student in the project
  • Copy of ID, passport or "personbevis"

(*) Note! The assessment of eligibility has to be sent in advance to the Education Support Office (Avdelningen för utbildnings- och forskarutbildningsstöd) at KI for decision (see information on the form). The decision should then be enclosed with the application for admission to doctoral studies.

Rules and general study plan

Information on Doctoral studies at

Hand in the application to Erika Rindsjö, Administrator for the doctoral education at the Department of Oncology-Pathology, tel: 08-517 741 66, building Z1:00

Admission seminar

The project plan should be presented in English at the admission seminar. The presentation should last for 10 minutes and will be followed by questions. A separate invitation will be sent to the applicant and the main supervisor approx. one week before the meeting.

The Admissions Board decision

on the application is then made behind closed doors. The applicant and the main supervisor will be informed on the decision by e-mail.

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