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Past articles, events and news from the Department of Neuroscience, listed by year.


2019-05-09 Stem cells provide information about neuron resilience in ALS
2019-03-26 Newly discovered molecule promising for pain sufferers
2019-03-19 Brain networks providing information to the prefrontal cortex have been mapped
2019-02-14 Brain pathways of aversion identified
2019-01-10 Studying the brain’s neural code


2018-12-12 New method for studying ALS more effectively  
2018-12-07 Kaj Fried recipient of the Swedish Dental Association's International Prize  
2018-11-27 A new KI Engagement Grant awarded to eight projects  
2018-10-04 KI Culture and Creativity Day  
2018-10-02 More than SEK 100 million to KI researchers from KAW Foundation  
2018-10-02 New knowledge on how neurons talk to muscles  
2018-09-12 Discovery of new neurons in the inner ear can lead to new therapies for hearing disorders  
2018-06-28 Andrea Carmine Belin and Caroline Ran co-authors on major study on how genetic variation relates to different brain disorders  
2018-06-12 Lars Olson awarded the medal "8:e storleken i Serafimerordens band" from H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf  
2018-05-25 Aggression neurons identified  
2018-05-04 Unexpected discovery gives new model for studying brain networks  
2018-04-24 Imagined and real movements are controlled by the brain in the same way  
2018-04-13 Interviews and portraits: How is the brain affected by culture?  
2018-04-06 KI researchers awarded the ERC AdG  
2018-02-16 New cell model could lead to treatments for neurological diseases  
2018-01-17 “Start cells” in the midbrain control whether we walk or run  


2017-12-07 Distinguished Professor Grants to five KI researchers
2017-11-06 Konstantinos Ampatzis receives NARSAD Young Investigator Award 2017
2017-11-06 KI wins the big pot in Swedish Research Council Medicine and Health grants
2017-11-02 Science becomes art
2017-09-19 Cell model of the brain provides new knowledge on developmental disease
2017-09-15 The Dimitris N. Chorafas Prize is awarded to Arvid Guterstam
2017-09-07 Smartphone screen technology used to trick harmful bacteria
2017-09-05 Funding from KAW gave the freedom to focus on complex research projects
2017-09-01 Andrea Carmine Belin receives grant from the Swedish Brain Foundation
2017-08-14 Killing bacteria by hacking plastics with silver and electricity
2017-07-07 Peripheral nerves help to build the adrenal glands
2017-05-18 Mechanisms behind sensory deficits in Parkinson's disease
2017-04-11 Conversion of brain cells offers hope for Parkinson's patients
2017-04-03 KI researcher Henrik Ehrsson awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize in medicine


2016-12-14 Research on galanin can result in new drugs for depression
2016-11-23 Molecular chameleons reveal bacterial biofilm
2016-10-31 Over half a billion in Research Council grant to KI researchers
2016-10-18 New research saves the environment when detecting cellulose
2016-10-11 Perceived obesity causes lower body satisfaction for women than men
2016-09-20 Ancient brain area controls eye movements
2016-07-08 New method allows analysis of single neurons from tissues
2016-06-20 Nerdy TV series awarded the Torsten Wiesel prize
2016-05-16 Resistant neurons point the way to protective factors in ALS
2016-04-28 New mechanism for sensing and regulating pH in the nervous system
2016-04-15 New principle for brain-controlled hormone secretion
2016-03-23 Four researchers at KI receive ERC Advanced Grants
2016-01-14 Attention neuron type identified
2016-01-13 New role for motor neurons discovered


2015-12-15 Increased citing of Bob Dylan in biomedical research
2015-12-07 Clarity technique now at KI
2015-12-04 Abdel El Manira elected in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
2015-11-19 Brainstem ‘stop’ neurons make us halt when we walk
2015-06-24 Artificial neuron mimicks function of human cells
2015-04-30 Brain scan reveals out-of-body illusion
2015-04-23 Scientists create the sensation of invisibility
2015-01-23 Swedish scientists show the impact of approved drugs on human proteins


2014-12-05 Nine young researchers awarded Wallenberg Academy Fellows at Karolinska Institutet  
2014-09-26 How physical exercise protects the brain from stress-induced depression  
2014-09-25 Here comes the story of the Dylan fans  
2014-09-02 KI-researchers take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge  
2014-08-26 Discovery explains how receptor regulates fat accumulation in obesity  
2014-08-22 The striatum acts as hub for multisensory integration  
2014-08-07 Discovery of new pathways controlling the serotonergic system  
2014-07-28 Stem cells from nerves form teeth  
2014-07-06 DNA origami nano-tool provides important clue to cancer  
2014-05-07 Professors at KI new members of EMBO  
2014-03-11 Outside the body memories fail us  
2014-01-29 Brain imaging predicts cognitive development in children  


2013-12-29 Three KI researchers to become Wallenberg Academy Fellows