STAR Research Area

STAR is a collaborative network for scientists with a specific interest in Aneurysmal disease.

The overall aim with the network is to improve our knowledge of the pathogenesis, etiology of the disease, and improve our diagnostic skills by identifying patients at high risk for disease development and of rupture. Ruptured aneurysms can have a fatal outcome, when untreated.

We also aim at individualizing the therapeutic options by identifying Patient-specific rupture risk and need for treatment. The network has a translational approach and includes correlations between findings from aortic wall biopsies, clinical characteristics and imaging. The group has a specific interest in rupture and growth of aneurysms, and gender aspects. Registry-based projects are also commonly performed within the networks frame. 

The scientists in the network work in different locations, universities and institutions. The principal base of the network is located at Center for Molecular Medicine, at Karolinska Institutet, therefore the webpage is based here.

STAR organization
STAR organization
Lilian Pagrot