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The Department of Medicine consists of 43 research Divisions belonging to 12 different research units, as listed to the left on this page, representing a broad variety of medical entities.


The research groups are established at the Karolinska University Hospital campus in Solna, in association with their respective clinics, as well as localized within the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM)

One strength of the Department is the closeness to patients, with the possibility to obtain clinical samples and to relate these to clinical features of the patients, thus allowing studies in an integrated basic and clinical scientific environment.

There are approximately 400 employees, 600 associated and approximately 200 PhD Students at the Department of Medicine. In 2019, the Department's turnover was around 425 million Swedish kronor, where 25% constituted governmental funding. The organization is centered around the research groups, where the group research leaders assume financial responsibility for their own groups and hence have a large degree of independence.

The head of the Department, in close contact with the board of the Department, is responsible for long-term strategic commitments such as recruitment of future leaders and excellent scientists who fit into the profile of the Department.

Two important issues for the Department of Medicine are to further intensify alliances with pre-clinical researchers within the research profile of the Department, and to enhance the opportunities for clinicians to perform active research.

As an integrated part of the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, the Department of Medicine is influenced by the ongoing re-organization of the Hospital. It is the overall aim of the Head of the Department to by large maintain the present form of the Department, but also to keep a flexible profile and meet new demands from the Karolinska Institutet and from the new Karolinska University Hospital.



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