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The Wallenberg laboratory at Karolinska Institutet is an animal facility enabling care and use of small rodents based on a barrier concept. The facility is the host of KI mouse model core facility umbrella (KIMM).

Research conducted in Wallenberg laboratory focuses on areas such as stem-cell and cancer research, regenerative medicine and brain diseases. 

Wallenberg laboratory

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The facility

The Wallenberg laboratory is the first facility developed according to the barrier concept at KI. The barrier concept aims to standardize animal health status and facilitate collaboration between research groups at KI. There are four different barriers in the facility: Barrier A, B, C and D. Read more: The Barrier concept 

The facility comprises:

  • A core-breeding unit  (at B-barrier)
  • A transgenic production unit (at B-barrier, read more at KCTT webpage
  • Research units with production breeding (C-barriers)
  • A D-barrier for short-term housing and experiments (services can be ordered by using an enquiry form)
  • An import portal, a unit for quarantine of imported living animals (A-barrier, part of KIMM

Offered services

The facility provides a wide range of qualified services to the scientific community for work with different mouse strains. All mice in the facility are housed in ventilated cages in a strictly controlled environment. Animal experiments can be performed in the state-of-art laboratories at the research units. Experiments with animals infected with microorganisms (risk group 2) can be performed in fully equipped biosafety laboratories (level 2). It is also possible to perform behaviour tests on animals in soundproof laboratories. Animals can only enter the core-breeding and research units after embryo transfer or after having been directly shipped from an approved supplier (valid only for C-barrier). 


The core-breeding unit provides a unique possibility to reduce breeding of animals in the research units. Read more about core breeding at the Wallenberg laboratory

Contact us

Researchers, research institutes and private enterprises are welcome to make use of the facilities at the Wallenberg laboratory for their research. Please feel free to contact us for further information and prices.

Research units and core-breeding queries
E-mail: admin-wallenberg@km.ki.se

For D-barrier please see Housing at barrier D

For import and quarantine of animals please see KIMM - Karolinska Institutet Mouse Models 

For rederivation please see KIMM - Karolinska Institutet Mouse Models 

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