KM X-ray irradiation facilities

The Xstrahl CIX3 is an X-ray cabinet for irradiation of small animals, at KM-A/KM-B/KM-F.

X-ray irradiators for small animals

X-ray at Comparative medicine.
X-ray, Comparative medicine.

Three CIX3 X-ray cabinets from Xstrahl have been acquired and are available at KM-A, KM-B and KM-F. They are 320kV self-contained cabinet irradiators.

The cabinets can be used for whole body irradiation (KM-A, KM-B, KM-F) or focal irradiation (KM-B only).

Education and access 

Education is required in order to use the equipment. You have to attended one course on "Introduction to radiation protection" prior to start using the X-ray irradiators, and also the web course focused on the “Xstrahl X-ray irradiators”. In addition, you need to attend an onsite introduction to the irradiators.

  • You should have participated in the "Introduction to radiation protection" course no longer than five years ago. Please provide a certificate when contacting the experts for access. If your certificate is older than five years or if you have not participated in such a course previously, you must register for one. See further details for registration below.
  • If you have attended an equivalent course, you need to provide a certificate and sign up for an onsite introduction to get access to the X-ray irradiator. See contact details below.

"Introduction to radiation protection" and “Xstrahl X-ray irradiators” are offered online through the Nano Learning platform.

Booking and user fees

Please book the irradiators in iLab Organizer.

User fees are applied for using the X-ray irradiators”.


For information and education please contact

If you have KI-id you can also find contact persons for the KM X-ray at KM Facilities.

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