KM X-ray irradiation facilities

The Xstrahl CIX3 is an X-ray cabinet for irradiation of small animals, at KM-A/KM-B/KM-F.

X-ray irradiators for small animals

X-ray at Comparative medicine.
X-ray, Comparative medicine.

Three CIX3 X-ray cabinets from Xstrahl have been acquired and are available at KM-A, KM-B and KM-F. They are 320kV self-contained cabinet irradiators.

The cabinets can be used for whole body irradiation (KM-A, KM-B, KM-F) or focal irradiation (KM-B only).

A user fee will be applied.

Education and access 

Education is required in order to use the equipment. You have to attended one course on "Introduction to radiation protection" prior to start using the X-ray irradiators, and also a new web course focused on the “Xstrahl X-ray irradiators”.

In addition, you need to attend an onsite introduction to the irradiators.

  • You should have participated in the "Introduction to radiation protection" course/session no longer than five years ago. Please provide a certificate when contacting the experts for access.
  • If your certificate is older than five years or if you have not participated in such a course previously, you must register for one. See further details for registration below.
  • If you have attended an equivalent course, you need to provide a certificate and sign up for an onsite introduction to get access to the X-ray irradiator. See contact details below.

"Introduction to radiation protection" and “Xstrahl X-ray irradiators” are offered online through the Nano Learning platform.


For information and education please contact

If you have KI-id you can also find contact persons for the KM X-ray at KM Facilities.

How to book the equipment

Please book the irradiators as recommended here. You have to invite the irradiator as an attendee in your request.