Importing and exporting animals

The departmental animal facilities at KI may have different routines for how to proceed when you want to import experimental animals to Karolinska Institutet.

Importing animals

The routines regarding importing of animal-models to animal facilities at Comparative Medicine are listed below.


The central quarantine unit is Import Portal located in Wallenberg animal facility at Comparative Medicine. Import Portal is a core-facility and offers housing of the animal models with uncertain health-status undergoing quarantine, re-derivation (pathogen elimination through embryo transfer) and cryo-preservation.

Exporting animals

When you want to export laboratory animals from Karolinska Institutet you should first contact the manager of the receiving animal facility to learn which rules apply. The rules differ from country to country. You should thereafter contact the facility manager at the facility from which you want to export animals.

Before the export takes place, the designated veterinarian needs to inspect the animals and write a health certificate. The health certificate must not have been issued more than 24 hours before the export.

Transport of animals

You can get help transporting animals on campus through the Technichal support and service unit at Comparative Medicine. Please consult your designated facility veterinarian when you have questions regarding the regulatory framework that controls the transport of animals.

Contact for transports


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