Apply for an amendment

The amendment has to meet the following requirements

It must not negatively affect the:

  • welfare of the laboratory animals,
  • possibility to attain the purpose or goal of the experiment,
  • severity classification of the experiment,
  • experimental endpoint or the humane endpoint,
  • experiment duration,
  • supervision of the laboratory animals during the experiment,
  • housing of the animals,
  • marking of the animals with a method that requires approval of the ethics committee.

You apply for an amendment in the following way

1. Check below which form you should use. Note that the forms are in Swedish due to the jurisdictional process of an amendment.

2. Complete and sign the form (by blue pen), and send it to the animal welfare body:

  • Send an electronic copy of the physically signed form together with the underlying ethics license and any previous amendment to Note: electronic signatures cannot be used!
  • Send the original signed form by internal mail to “Djurskyddsorganet, Komparativ medicin, Nobels väg 6, 17177 Stockholm".

3. The AWB will confirm the submission and gets back to you if there are any follow-up questions.

4. The AWB takes a decision on the amendment during the next meeting.

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