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Research areas for the collaboration

The main focus of the collaboration is on research in medical care outcomes. The agreed setup is that while MSD contributes funds and specialist expertise, KI supplies a corresponding value in research capacity and human resources. The agreement also includes a financial investment from MSD of at least USD 1 million per year.

The collaboration between KI and MSD mainly concerns the following fields:

  • Cancer
  • Vaccin
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Neuroscience

A joint steering group decides which projects are to be included and which clinical studies can be considered. The agreement sets the framework for a close collaboration in which researchers from both sides work together without imposing any limits on the scope of the research in advance. Investment decisions for the remainder of the collaboration will be taken continuously by a steering group comprising representatives from KI and MSD

The collaboration with medical care outcomes in focus has three general themes:

  • Patient-inspired research – research projects that can converge along the product-development cycle
  • Studies in analysis and methodology – focused on patient participation
  • Innovative Disease Based Registries – concerned with the identification and development of robust RWE for innovative research