KI-MSD ongoing and finalised projects

The collaborative partnership between KI and MSD is focused, but not limited to 5 areas. Since the partnership was initiated in 2016, and runs until 2026. 10 research projects have been finalised and several projects are currently ongoing. See below the projects sorted by focus areas.


Ongoing projects

Endometrial and Cervical Cancer societaL and mentaL burden in the Swedish population (ECCELL)

Patient characteristics and real-world treatment patterns and outcomes in patients diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in Sweden 2008-2020

Finalised projects

Replicate trial results in oncology with real-world data


Ongoing projects

Vaccine impact and effectiveness and understanding data systems

Gardasil surveillance in Sweden

Gardasil 2-dose impact/effectiveness PAS for EU [commitment study]

Population Based Nested Case-Control Study Evaluating Effectiveness of Gardasil Vaccination Against RRP in Sweden

Societal Burden of Post-Meningitis Sequelae in Sweden

Finalised projects

Gardasil 3-dose Nordic Country Surveillance study

Effectiveness of 2 dose HPV vaccination [feasibility, data not published]

Fostering healthy aging: the interdependency of infections, immunity and frailty


Finalised projects

Quantifying and describing the natural history of Alzheimer’s disease


Ongoing projects

Achievement of multiple components of improvement (MCI) and its association with outcomes in individuals with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)

NT-proBNP in HFrEF in clinical practice

Impact of surrogate liver histological endpoints in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

Finalised projects

Lipid goal attainment in Sweden using the national registry Swedeheart

Treatment pattern and treatment goal attainment in patients with pulmonary hypertension (PAH) in Sweden using the national registry SPAHR

Longitudinal changes in risk status in relation to treatment approaches, age and comorbidity burden in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Goal attainment in the T2D patient population/Clinical inertia [not published]


Ongoing projects

Healthcare data infrastructure in China and Sweden: Policy implications for further development to improve patient care and research

Finalised projects

A novel ethical, legal and organisational framework on RWD and patient empowerment