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KI Alumni China Global Chapter

The KI Alumni China chapter is KI's first global alumni chapter.

With formal recognition of KI Alumni China chapter in 2017, KI confirms the importance and value of keeping in contact with our alumni. KI Alumni & Friends will work with our alumni ambassador and the alumni board to facilitate communication between the KI community, alumni and prospective students through the KI Alumni China chapter network.

Chapter Profile - KI Alumni China

Alumni Ambassador: Wenli (Claire) Ye

Number of members: 260

Official approval by KI Vice Chancellor: June 2017

Email address:

WeChat - our networking platform - Please send us a request via email to become a member.


Campus Launch - January 2018

A launch event to celebrate KI Alumni China took place at Solna campus on 22 January 2018 at Aula Medica. Read more about the event here and at the KI News site.

China local receptions - October 2018

More than 100 alumni and friends gathered in 3 cities within China to reunite and reconnect at the local launch events of KI’s first global alumni chapter.

Over the past year, membership in the KI Alumni China network has grown from 30 to over 250 members.

Read the news article and see event photos >>


Professor Zhu Chen, who received an honorary doctorate from KI in 2014, has been awarded the 2018 Sjöberg Prize along with researchers Anne Dejeane and Hugues de Thé for the development of an entirely new tailored treatment for a specific form of blood cancer called acute promyelocytic leukaemia. The prize-winners will be speaking at the Sjöberg Lecture at KI on 12 April at 3.00 pm in the Gustaf Retzius hall on the Solna campus.

Member Profiles

Pciture of Claire YeWenli (Claire) Ye, Master's in Bioentrepreneurship, 2010

Current job: Senior Manager of Marketing, Product & Service at Jiahui Health, an integrated healthcare system based in Shanghai. My job is mainly to work closely with medical leaders and the management team to determine the positioning and strategy of different service lines across all our medical sites. I also work across various internal functions to implement the strategy from introducing new services, performing regular financial reviews and seeking improvement, as well as collaborating with external business partners/clients to promote the service.

Hobbies: Traveling: I have been to 39 countries and regions, I have been a guest speaker of travel sharing events/radio channels as well as a freelancer for travel magazines. The next destinations are Mexico and Cuba. I also enjoy horseback riding and reading.

Why I like to contribute time: China is under a great reform of its healthcare system and we see a rapid development in this industry in recent years across all sectors (service, pharmacy, devices, insurance, etc.) with government support and investment from the society. People are eager to learn new technologies, service models, and any kind of innovation within and outside of China. As KI is a university focused on healthcare and medical sciences, all our alumni are professionals with a passion in healthcare. Each of us is spread throughout different sectors and has unique expertise, insights, connections within healthcare. Thus, this is a very specialized alumni network, which - I believe - if we are able to connect our alumni well, it will create value not only for ourselves as individual but also for the industry in general.

Read a full profile of KI Alumni China Ambassador Claire Ye.

Pciture of KI Alumna Can Chen

Can Chen, Master's in Health Economics and Promotion, 2010

After my graduation from KI, I returned to China and started my career in IMS consulting group. I am currently Market Access & HEOR (health economics and outcome research) manager in Novartis Pharmaceuticals (China) based in Beijing. My experience at KI has really enriched my life and empowered me to pursue a career in this area.

I hope we can establish an influential and active alumni association in China - not only to expand our network, but to also create a communication platform to share our knowledge and explore future cooperation by gathering a number of experts in healthcare.

Pciture of KI Alumnus Zhongxing ZhangZhongxiang Zhang, Master's in Global Health, 2008

I am currently working at L'ORÉAL as the China Medical Director, in charge of medical relations and communication.

When I was young, I had many interests but as time has gone by, only a few remain. One of them is cooking. After traveling to a number of foreign countries and tasting the local food, it's more and more interesting to try different cooking styles, or combining them to create new styles. LUCKILY my family and friends all have an easy-going appetite. The second is reading, especially historical stories and science fiction. My favourite author is Isaac Asimov from the U.S., for his "Foundation" and "Robot" series. The third would be traveling. Unfortunately with an increasingly heavy work load and family obligations, nowadays it has become a luxury to travel abroad. I'm planning to resume my global tourism in 15-20 years, and write some cookbooks perhaps.

Picture of KI alum Jinzhi Hu

Jinzhi Hu, Master's thesis at MTC, 2009

Currently I am running my own company (HYH Medical Technology) in P.R.China with a focus on distributing medical devices and illumina sequencers. My goal is to discover and bring cutting-edge and high-quality products back to my homeland, mainly to local hospitals. Once my clients realize that I am a Karolinska Institutet alumnus, they are very curious - and may very well ask what brands of devices and sequencers are used at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska Hospital.

To be honest, one of my duties in China nowadays is to help people around me recognize that Sweden is not Switzerland. I started to play tennis in high school, and those who play with me now ask, where I got my overseas education. When I tell them Sweden they say "Wow, isn't that the homeland of Roger Federer?" and I say "No, it's the homeland of Björn Borg".