Partner with medical and life science researchers

Karolinska Institutet is one of the world's leading medical universities which aims to improve human health.

The realisation of this vision is dependent largely upon translation of research results and knowledge into innovations and practical applications that can be implemented within the health care sector to prevent, diagnose or treat human disease.

Karolinska Institutet welcomes and strongly encourages partnerships with industry in order to realise the potential of research findings and knowledge generated at the university. Partnerships are deemed important for building further excellence in research, education and innovation.

The philosophy of partnering with Karolinska Institutet is to co-create new opportunities and choice through knowledge sharing, accessing each other’s unique expertise, competences and capabilities, as well as by educating and training personnel.

The function of corporate partnering can be found at the External Engagement Office which provides the point of contact and practical hands on support. We support collaborations, ranging from complex and long-term strategic partnerships through to individual and specific projects. We aim to build long-term relationships and networks that create mutual benefit for both partners.


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