Collaboration with Canada: Post doc

The majority of the international researchers doing a post doc at KI are here without a formal agreement.

The activities take place between researchers and are not centrally regulated. All postdoctoral positions are located at KI:s departments and most are also initiated there.

Mats Sundin Fellowship

There is however one exception. KI and the University of Toronto has together with Mats Sundin initiated "The Mats Sundin Fellowship in Development Health". The fellowship builds on a long and successful collaborative doctoral course between Karolinska Institutet and the University of Toronto dating back to 1996.

In 2012 Mats Sundin donated 2.2 million SEK to a joint post doctoral programme "The Mats Sundin Fellowship" between Karolinska Institutet and the University of Toronto. Each university added 1 million SEK to the programme, while other generous donors also provided funding. During 2017 Mats Sundin will launch his own foundation which will be nominating and funding the future fellows.

The fellowship is designed to provide a scientific exchange and training programme that will develop future scientific and medical leaders in both countries, with a particular focus on maternal-infant health, neurodevelopment and regenerative medicine. The aim is to support two postdoctoral fellows, in Stockholm and Toronto respectively, with a 2-year biomedical research exchange placement at Karolinska Institutet or the University of Toronto. Each Mats Sundin Fellow will be interacting with scientists, scholars and clinicians from both institutions to pursue research connected to the health of children.

How to apply

Will be announced.


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