About KI-Canada collaboration

Karolinska Institutet and Canada have a long history of collaborating together and Canada has for over 20 years been a country in which many KI scientists have strong links.

In the 90’s University of Toronto (U of T) the University of Toronto was identified as an important partner and was also one of the selected partner universities that was included in KI funding scheme. This may explain the high number of co-publications KI has with the University of Toronto (UofT). Between 2016 and 2021 KI and UofT had approx. 1100 co-publications. During the same period of time, the number of co-publications between KI and Canada were approx. 2900.

Recruiting talents from Canada

Canada is a target country for recruiting talented students to KI. This is part of a strategy to attract the best students and in the long run potential PhD-students, post docs and researchers. KI also has an agreement with the province of British Columbia that enables students from British Columbia to retain their Canadian student loans when admitted to KI.

The Canadian Embassy in Stockholm is an important collaborator and actively supports the KI-Canada educational and scientific collaborations.

Collaboration - researcher to researcher

KI has agreements at different levels with different institutions in Canada, but the majority of the activities with Canadian collaborators takes place between researchers and are not regulated by central managing initiated university agreements and projects. There are a few exceptions, where collaborative agreements, projects and activities are initiated and supported by this the central administration at KI.



Lotta Lundqvist

International coordinator
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Emma Hägg