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Dissertations - Surgery


2010 -

2019 Elena Rangelova Borderline and locally advanced pancreatic cancer –redefining the biological and technical profile of the disease

2019 Berit Sunde Health Related Quality of Life and Swallowing Problems in Oesophageal Cancer

2019 Sebastian Sjöqvist Oral mucosa keratinocytes and their exosomes for epithelial regeneration

2018 Poya GhorbaniReview and prediction of trauma mortality

2018 Gona JaafarAntibiotic Prophylaxis and Infectious Complications in Surgery for Acute Cholecystitis

2017 Greger OlssonAspects on the role of prophylactic procedures to influence post-ERCP complication rates

2017 Ernesto SparrelidLiver regeneration and function following portal vein occlusion and hepatectomy

2016 Leonard ClayThe evaluation, preoperative and operative aspects of abdominal wall reconstruction for giant ventral hernia

2016 Fredrik KlevebroAspects of neoadjuvant therapy in the curative treatment of cancer in the esophagus or gastroesophageal junction

2015 Malin MörnerAnaemia, blood loss and colorectal cancer

2014 Peter EmanuelssonAlternatives in the treatment of abdominal rectus muscle diastasis. An evaluation

2014 Xiaohui JiaHypoxia‐inducible factor‐1 (HIF­‐1) in pancreatic cancer cell aggressiveness and therapeutic resistance and the potential role for pancreatic endocrine cells in islet transplantation

2013 Björn TörnqvistIatrogenic bile duct injury during cholecystectomy

2013 Christoph AnsorgePancreatic fistula following pancreaticoduodenectomy. Risk assessment and early diagnosis

2012 Madelene OlssonExperimental models for investigating IAPP regulation of food intake in rats and mice

2012 Fredrik SwahnAspects of interventional endoscopic treatment of common bile duct stones

2011 Farshad FrozanporIssues relevant to the endoscopic and surgical management of pancreatic carcinoma

2011 Thorhallur AgustssonAdipose and muscle tissue metabolism in cancer cachexia

2011 Cecilia StrömbergAspects of treatment of common bile duct stone

2000 - 2009

2009 Erik SykAspects on local recurrence of rectal cancer

2008 Ylva OrrevallNutritional support among cancer patients enrolled in palliative home care services

2008 Peter HagerSystemic stress response and hyperglycemia after abdominal surgery in rat and man

2007 Johannes BlomAspects of participation in sigmoidoscopy screening for colorectal cancer

2007 Bo WestmanStudies of ischemia and reperfusion in muscle and liver on glutathione and amino acid metabolism in man

2006 Bengt HåkanssonStudies of preoperative evaulation and surgical procedures for gastroesophageal reflux disease

2006 Fuat CelebiogluSentinel node biposy in breast cancer. Aspects on validation, diagnostics and lymphatic drainage pattern

2006 Martin JansonLaparoscopic and open surgery for colon cancer. Studies on costs and health related quality of life

2006 Monika SvanfeldtPerioperative nutrition and insulin resistance

2006 Catharina Ihre LundgrenIncidence and prognosis of differentiated thyroid cancer in Sweden

2005 Per NilssonOn treatment and prognosis in epidermoid anal cancer

2005 Martin AnderssonBiological aspects on synovial fluid mediated aseptic prosthesis loosening

2005 Theodoros FoukakisBasic and translation studies of follicular thyroid neoplasia

2005 Ralf SegersvärdOn obesity in acute pancreatitis

2004 Brigitta OmazicReconstruction of the immune system after allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

2004 Ann Ödlund-OlinNutritional and functional effects of energy-dense food in the frail elderly

2004 Ann KjellinForegut motility disorders - a clinical and experimental study

2004 Petra KjellmanClinical and molecular studies of papillary thyroid carcinoma - with an emphasis on prognostic factors

2005 Per BergmanAtherosclerosis of the ascending aorta as a risk factor for stroke after cardiac surgery

2004 Peter SvenarudCarbon dioxide de-airing in cardiac surgery

2003 Ulrik LindforssOn the clinical value of genetic analysis in colorectal cancer patients

2003 Mikael MachadoStudies of prognostic and functional outcomes in surgery for rectal surgery

2003 Mikael PerssonWound ventilation - a new concept for prevention of complications in cardiac surgery

2003 Bengt IsakssonInsulin resistance in pancreatic cancer

2003 Mattias SoopEffects of perioperative nutrition on insulin action in post-operative metabolism

2003 Sven BringmanMinimally invasive hernia surgery

2003 Anders AlbågeSurgical treatment of atrial fibrillation. Clinical, hormonal and eletrophysiological aspects of the Maze operation

2002 Mohamed AbdelhadiPosttransplantation bone disease. The effect of the immuno-suppressive drugs on bone; clinical and experimental studies

2002 Göran DellgrenAortic valve replacement with a stentless bioprothesis. Prospective long time studies of the Blocor and the Toronto SPV Valves

2002 Claes BothinExperimental studies on the role of the gastrointestinal flora in postsurgical adhesion formation

2002 Irma FredrikssonLocal recurrence after breast conserving surgery for breast cancer

2002 Olle BernellSurgery and recurrence in Crohn's disease

2001 Nils PetterssonLocal anesthesia for pain relief after surgery

2001 Amosy M'komaObservations on essential biochemical data profile in connection with restorative proctocolectomy in humans

2001 Lisa StrömmerInsulin action and secretion after surgical trauma

1990 - 1999

1999 Riitta YlitaloClinical studies of contract granuloma posterior laryngitis with special regard to esophagopharyngeal reflux

1999 Kjell GullbergPelvin pouch in ulcerative colitis

1999 Mohamed SagarThe importance of the CYP2C19 polymorphism for disposition and effects of omeprazole treatment

1999 Gelia AbdulhakemConstipation - symptoms and findings in relation to structural and functional abnormalities

1999 Leif TörkvistSurgical trauma, inflammation and tissue injury

1998 Wang FengInteraction between pancreatic cancer and beta cells

1998 Amir BabikerStudies on a novel oxidative mechanism for elimination of extra-hepatic cellular cholesterol

1998 Carl-Gustaf HillebrantOn the regulation of hepatic cholesterol and bile acid metabolism in gallstone patients

1998 Staffan EnokssonApplication of microdialysis in studies of the adrenergic regulation of lipolysis in human skeletal muscle and adipose tissue

1997 Urban ArneloIslet amyloid polypeptides in the control of food intake

1997 Jonas NygrenThe sites and mechanisms of postoperative insulin resistance

1996 Göran FelländerEffects on surgery on substrate metabolism in human adipose tissue

1996 Stig Ramelp53 and neoplastic progression in Barret's esophagus

1995 Hans OlivecronaOn the hormonal regulation of hepatic sholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism

1992 Mohamed KohaColorectal carcinoma. Nuclear DNA heterogeneity and bacterial translocation

1992 Jan-Erik ÅkerlundStudies on the link between cholesterol and bile acid synthesis

1991 Salem AbugassaBone mass in disorders of calcium metabolism and abnormal parathyroid function

1990 Eva ReihnérStudies on the regulation of hepatic cholesterol metabolism in gallstone patients

1990 Björn NybergBile secretion in man. The effect of somatostatin, vasoective intestinal peptide and secretin

1990 Anders ThörneDiet-induced thermogenesis

1990 Carl-Erik LeijonmarckSurgical treatment of ulcerative colitis in Stockholm County

1980 - 1989

1989 Svante SjöstedtThe upper gastrointestinal microflora in relation to gastric diseases and gastric surgery

1989 Kerstin LindquistThe pelvic pouch

1987 Ingemar NäslundGastric bypass versus gastroplasty

1985 Leif PerbeckFlourescein flowmetry. A blood flow measurement method

1985 Klas NilsellBiliary lipid metabolism in gallstone disease and during gallstone dissolution treatment

1985 Åke StrandbergLung collapse during general anesthesia

1985 Björn WiklundJejunoileal bypass for obesity

1984 Håkan WallbergDisphanography in venous breast disorders. Clinical and experimental observations

1983 Anders TillegårdInfections in immunodepressed patients

1983 Kjell ThorNeurotensin and gastrointestinal motility in man

1982 Jörgen NordenströmUtilization of exogenous and endogenous lipids for energy production during parenteral nutrition

1982 Staffan EwerthOn the entrohepatic circulation of bile acids in man

1981 Rolf PieperAcute appendicitis

1981 Bengt BergHLA matching in renal transplantation

1980 Tomas SonnenfeldSaphenous vein for femoropopliteal bypass

1980 Ann-Marie GöranssonCholegraphy its applicability and reliability in conncection with gallstone operations

1980 Staffan BarkEnteral and parenteral administration of crystalline amino acid

1980 Reinhard StegeAntithyroid drug therapy in hyperthyroidism

1970 - 1979

1979 Göran HellersCrohn's disease in Stockholm County 1966-1974

1979 Jon AhlbergBiliary lipid metabolism in hyperlipoproteinanemia and gallstone disease

1977 Gunnar TydénAspects of cardiovascular reflex control in man

1976 Olle RingdénActivation of human lymphocyte subpopulations

1976 Leif SpangenSpigelian hernia

1976 Gordon LahnborgOn thromboembolism in major surgery

1976 Bo BrismarLeg blood flow and central circulation during vascular surgery

1975 Lars BackmanSmall intestinal bypass operations for obesity

1974 Thomas IhreStudies on anal function incontinent and incontinent patients

1974 Hans SamnegårdStudies on internal carotid artery blood flow in man. Electromagnetic flowmetry after carotid artery surgery

1974 Anders SomellInfluence of parathyroid function on the urinary excretion of phosphate

1974 Lars KagerExperimental and clinical studies on alcohol combustion

1973 Lars ThulinEffects of gastrointestinal polypeptides on hepatic bile flow and splanchnic circulation

1973 Ingolf Ljungdahl Inguinal and femoral hernia

1973 Sven AschbergCrural venous obstruction or incompetence

1972 Lars LiljeqvistStudies in lipid metabolism in human lymphocytes

1972 Hans CollstePreservation of kidneys for transplantation

1971 Lars CollsteAntilymphocytic globulin in experimental and clinical transplantation

1960 - 1969

1969 Göran LundgrenOn effector mechanisms in allograft rejection

1969 Lennart ForsgrenStudies in the intestinal absorption of fatsoluble vitamins and fatty acids via the thoracic duct lymph in man

1969 Bo HolmströmStudies on the metabolism of 14-C-labelled ethanol in man

1969 Daniel BrömsterGastric emptying in man

1968 Argo KöwameesSkin blood flow in obliterative arterial disease of the leg

1968 Alv AlverydParathyroid glands in thyroid surgery

1968 Rolf LjungqvistSubcutaneous partial rupture of the achilles tendon

1968 Karl-Axel RietzPolymer osteosynthesis

1968 Åke HjelmstedtDeep venous thrombosis in tibial fracture

1967 Lars RäfEnteric-coated potassium chloride tablets and ulcer of the small intestine

1965 Carl-Gustav GrothDisturbances in the flow properties of blood

1965 Bengt WernerThe thoracic duct lymph in man

1965 Ingemar HolmParenteral nutrition with casein hydrolysate

1965 Dag HallbergElimination of exogenous lipids from the blood stream

1964 Erik VelanderVascular changes in tubed pedicles

1962 Lars ÖnneRecovery of sensibility and sudomotor activity in the hand after nerve suture

1961 Lars GöthmanVascular reations in experimental fractures

1961 Bo OdénExperimental micro-lymphangiography

1950 - 1959

1956 Bengt FriesPolyphloretin - a hyaluronidase inhibitor - and hyaluronidase in prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions

1955 Olof NorlanderTotal hemoglobin, blood volume and circulatory changes in surgical patients

1955 Sten-Otto LiljedahlProlongation of tetracaine (pontocaine) spinal anesthesia by supplementary noradrenaline

1955 Tore EkströmRenal hypoplasia

1954 Anders WidénFractures of the calcaneus

1954 Sten WallenstenResults of the surgical treatment of peptic ulcer by partial gastrectomy according to Billroth 1 and 2 methods

1954 Curt RytznerSound transmission in clinical otosclerosis

1954 Åke JakobssonThe self operation. An evaluation of results in congenital dysplasia, subluxation and dislocation of the hip joint

1954 Lennart HultCervical, dorsal and lumbar spinal syndromes

1954 Hans Erik HansonTemporary unilateral occlusion of the pulmonary artery in man

1954 Nils Olof EricssonEctopic ureterocele in infants and children

1953 Stig JonsäterCoxa plana. An histopathologic and arthrographic study

1953 Bengt JohansonReconstruction of male urethra in strictures

1953 Sven BellmanMicroangiography

1952 CA HultbornCancer of the colon and rectum

1952 Gunnar EkströmThe surgical treatment of patent ductus arteriosus

1952 Ored ArnerComplications following spinal anaesthesia their significance and a technique to reduce their incidence

1951 Thure WiklundBronchiogenic carcinoma

1951 Karl-Erik HolgermanSurgical-orthopaedic correction of mandibular protrusion

1951 Ragnar FrykholmCervical nerve root compression resulting from disc degeneration and root sleeve fribrosis

1950 Lars Unander-ScharinOn low-back pain with special reference to the value of operative treatment with fusion

1950 Curt FrankssonTumours of the urinary bladder

1940 - 1949

1949 Lars EngstrandBile secretion and hepatic nitrogen metabolism in relation to variations of blood and oxygen supply

1948 Hugo ArnssonAnorectal infections and the sequeala, escpecially fistulae and incontinence

1947 Gunnar ThorsénNeurological complications after spinal anaesthesia and results from 2493 follow-up cases

1947 Hugo RosenqvistThe primary treatment of extensive burns

1946 Allan RagnellOperative correction hypertrophy and ptosis of the female breast

1946 Theodor EhrenpreisMegacolon in the newborn

1945 Tore WalheimOn the amputation level in arteriosclerosis in the lower extremities

1944 Philip SandblomThen tensile strength of healing wounds

1944 Gösta NorlénOn the value of the neurological symptoms in sciatica for the localization of a lumbar disc herniation

1944 Per LindonOn the different types of intracapsular fracture of the femoral neck

1944 Björn KhölerThe prognosis after nephrectomy

1944 Anders KarlénA clinical study on arthrodesis for arthritis deformans of tue hip joint

1944 Carl HirschA contribution to the pathogenesis of chondromalacia of the patella

1944 Jack Adams-RayEdema, hyperalgesia and paleness in surgical affections of the hand

1943 Snorri HallgrimssonStudies on reconstructive and stabilizing operations on the skeleton of the foot

1942 Karl ÖstlingThe genesis of hydronephrosis, particularly with regard to the changes by the ureteropelvic junction

1942 Johan CedermarkUber Verlaut, symptomatologie und Prognose kraniozerebrale Verletzungen

1941 Erik SeverinContribution on the knowledge of congenital dislocation of the hip joint

1930 - 1939

1939 Gunnar WibergStudies on dysplastic acetabula and congenital subluxation of the hip joint

1939 Sten FribergStudies on spondylylisthesis

1938/39 Ivar PalmerOn the injuries to the ligaments of the knee joint

1938 Olof SjöqvistStudies on pain conduction in the trigeminal nerve

1938 Clarence CraafordOn the technique of pneumonectomy in man

1936 Alf LundgrenUber die Heilungresutete der Uterschenkeldiaphysenfrakturen

1935 Rudolf BrandbergUnterschungen über splenomegale Leberzirrhosen

1935 Åke GH LindgrenOn the amount of blood in the peripheral vascular system in some pathological conditions, especially peritonitis

1934 Svante OrellStudien über Knochenimplantation und Knochenneobildung

1934 G Odelberg-JohnsonOn defects in the bone-graft after Albee's operation for a tuberculos spondylitis

1932 JP StrömbeckMesentering lymf-adenitis

1920 - 1929

1929 Gustav LevanderUber die behandlung von Bruchen des Oberschenkelschaftes

1929 Bertel BagerBeitrag zurkenntnis über Vorkommen, Klinik under Behandlung von perforierten Magen- und Duodenalgeswischen

1926 G BohmanssonStudien über die Chirurgische Behandling von Gastr-duodenal-geschwuren

1924 Nils SilfverskiöldOrthopädische studie uber Hemiplegia spastica infantilis

1922 Hans OlivecronaAn experimental study of the circulatory failure in peritonitis

1922 K GraménUntersuchungen über den Äthergehalt in Blut, Milch, Harn und Expirationsluft

1920 E PermanAnatomiska undersökningar över hjärtnerverna hos högre däggdjur och människa

1910 - 1919

1917 T RietzUber die normale Entwicklung der extrahepatischen Gallenwege

1915 CLL NorrlinBidrag till kännedomen om och behandling av perforerande enkla ventrikel- och duodenalsår

1900 - 1909

1903 Emil BoudinOm traumatiska meniskrubbningar i knälkeden