Fifth Mayo Clinic and Karolinska Institutet Joint Cancer Research Symposium

Fifth Mayo Clinic and Cancer Research-Karolinska Institutet Joint Cancer Research Symposium featuring the 2023 Cancer Research Funding Awardees and Keynote Speakers

Time and date: June 17, 2024, 8:00–11:30 US CT / 3:00–6:30 CET

Location: Online via Zoom

Four flags: the Swedish, The United States, Maoy Clinic and also Karolinska Institutet.
Collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Mayo Clinic. Photo: KI


8:00-8:05 CT / 3:00-3:05 CET- Welcome

Matthew P. Goetz, M.D. Professor of Oncology and Pharmacology Deputy Director of Translational Research, Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center and Elias Arnér,M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Director of Cancer Research, Karolinska Institutet

8:05–8:15 CT / 3:05–3:15 CET- Introductory Remarks 

Martin Bergö, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Molecular Medicine Vice-President, Karolinska Institutet 

8:15–8:45 CT / 3:15–3:45 CET - Development of extracellular vesicle biomarkers for CART cell functions in lymphoma

Saad Kenderian, M.B., Ch.B. and Stephan Mielke, M.D. 

8:45–9:15 CT / 3:45–4:15 CET - Discovery of new therapies for the treatment of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer

John R. Hawse, Ph.D. and Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo, Ph.D.

9:15–9:30 CT / 4:15–4:30 CET- Break

9:30–10:00 CT / 4:30–5:00 CET - Development of novel computational approaches to interpret and leverage multi-organ single-cell spatial profiling for comprehensive characterization of the triple-negative breast cancer tumor microenvironment

Roberto A. Leon Ferre, M.D., JC Villasboas Bisneto, M.D., Jean Hausser, M.D.

10:00–10:30 CT / 5:00–5:30 CET - Clinical Characterization of Inherited Variants in Breast Cancer Predisposition Genes 

Fergus Couch, Ph.D. 

10:30–11:00 CT / 5:30–6:00 CET- Modern breast cancer surgery - is less more?   

Jana De Boniface, M.D., Ph.D.

11:00–11:15 CT / 6:00–6:15 CET- Closing Remarks

Matthew P. Goetz, M.D. and Elias Arnér, Ph.D. 


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