Other courses at BioNut

Apart from the first- and second level programmes we are arranging some Freestanding courses at BioNut. Please find out more about them below.

Some of our researchers are also arranging doctoral courses, find out more about them on the website for Doctoral courses at KI, link can be found below.

Vegetables in a market

At the moment we are arranging two freestanding courses:

Nutrition, the nutrients and metabolism, 7.5 Credits (1QA096)

(Website in Swedish)
(Grundläggande näringsfysiologi)

A distance learning course for those who want to increase their knowledge of diet and nutrients in order to be able to advise on a scientific basis and motivate these from a nutritional point of view, as well as provide suitable alternatives.

Read more about the course in Nutrition (for admitted students, in Swedish)


Body composition from a clinical perspective, 7.5 credits (2QA243)

(Website in Swedish)
(Kroppssammansättning och sjukdomstillstånd)

A distance learning course that will give you theoretical and practical skills about how the body's composition is influenced by different disease states and how this can be evaluated. The course deals with how the body's composition with muscles, water and fatty tissue is affected by inactivity, physical activity, exercise, weight gain and weight loss and how it changes from a life perspective.

Read more about the course on Body composition (for admitted students, in Swedish)

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