Ranking and Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet consistently ranks among the top universities in the world on a number of prestigious ranking tables.

What is university ranking?

A variety of organisations rank the world's universities in fields such as research, education and student influence, based mostly on the prominence of their research. Some prospective students choose to consult these tables when considering where to study.

No ranking table can give the full picture of the quality of a university. The relevance of the information varies greatly between different tables, especially in regards to parameter choices. This page presents three international ranking tables often referred to in international media. They have been in the public eye for many years, and have a relatively high methodological transparency, as well as a high level of control of their data.

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)

This table (also referred to as the 'Shanghai ranking') is compiled by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

For 2020, ARWU ranks Karolinska Institutet at number 45 in the world and number 12 in Europe.

In the fields ”Nursing”, ”Public Health” and "Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences" KI is among the top six the world. In the field of "Biological Sciences", KI ranks number 16 in the world and third in Europe. Within the field "Clinical Medicine", KI is ranked 30 in the world and ninth in Europe.

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Times Higher Education

This table is compiled by Times Higher Education, based in the United Kingdom.

For 2020/2021, Karolinska Institutet is placed overall at number 36 in the world and number 9 in Europe. In the latest available ranking by subject (2019/2020), KI ranks number 12 in the world and fifth in Europe in the subject Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health.

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QS World Ranking of Universities

In the 2019/2020 QS World University Rankings, KI is number 10 in the world and number 4 in Europe in the broad subject area of Life Sciences and Medicine.

In the subject of Medicine, KI is shared number 5 in the world and number 3 in Europe. In Pharmacy and Pharmacology, KI is the 13th best institution in the world and the 6th in Europe.

QS does not feature Karolinska Institutet in its overall university ranking, which only includes multi-faculty universities.

For more information about the QS rankings, visit the Top Universities website.

More than ranking

While Karolinska Institutet consistently rank very well, which makes us proud and happy, we recognize that varying ranking methodologies may mean that results thereof may be inconsistent and should be valued as one factor among many others when choosing which university to attend.

Our greatest assets are our staff, students and alumni - who represent a slice of life at Karolinska Institutet in a way that statistical analysis never can. Read more about what our current students have to say, or read more on why you should choose Karolinska Institutet as your place of study.