Permission for photographing, filming and sound-recording on the Karolinska Institutet premises

For photography or recording of sound and video in KI's premises for other than private purposes, you need a permit. Here you will find rules and conditions for it, as well as forms to apply for such permission.

What is meant by KI:s premises?

KI:s premises refer to all spaces that KI has the right to use and disposes of for its operations. The outdoor environment is not covered by these guidelines, however safety aspects and accessibility for emergency services must be observed.

Special rules apply to the buildings, premises and areas that are classified as protected objects.

What applies to private individuals?

Private individuals who photograph, film or record sound for private use do not need a permit* unless otherwise announced, for example students who wish to record lectures or the like.
*Subject to Chapter 1 Section 12 of the Act (1960:729) on copyright in literary and artistic works.

Permission for photography, filming and sound recording

  • Laboratories and classrooms 
    Requires the consent of the responsible researcher/teacher.
  • Workrooms
    Can only take place after an agreement has been made with the room owner(s).
  • Premises belonging to a business
    Requires permission from the person responsible for the business.
  • Outdoors on campus
    Is permitted without special consent, but KI believes that one should not use KI:s buildings for commercial or other purposes that may affect or damage KI:s reputation.
  • In connection with the rental of premises
    When renting KI premises for events, etc., the conditions regarding photography, filming and sound recording specified in the booking confirmation or separate agreements apply.

Special permission for the university library and the Hagströmer Library

Special permission is required for photography in the university library and the Hagströmer Library. The director of operations decides on such permits.

Terms for photography, filming and sound recording

  • Photography for feature films, advertising and other productions that are not news cannot take place except in exceptional cases. An overall assessment must be made based on KI:s core values, the protection of KI:s trademark, security and insurance issues and the impact on KI:s operations and resources.
  • No photography may take place in open spaces during opening hours that may disturb students, researchers and other employees.
  • Photography in premises within the perimeter protection, i.e. locked spaces, requires the participation of an employee from KI during the entire time.
  • Copyrighted items may not be photographed and distributed without the rights holder's consent. A written agreement with the rights holder is required before shooting and is taken care of by the person who wants to photograph. KI does not take responsibility for how photographs are used.
  • The photography must not affect the safety of KI or present an obstacle to the accessibility of emergency services.
  • In common areas filming may only take place by agreement with the persons concerned and provided that others who are in the premises do not mind and are obviously not disturbed.
  • In the cafes and restaurants photography is not allowed to take place.
  • In connection with photography the responsibility for compliance with current regulations, decisions and permits lies with the permit holder. 


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