KI Residence Flemingsberg

84 apartments (both individual and shared) - from SEK 4723 per month

KI Housing offers 84 apartments of different sizes at Alfred Nobels Allé, located on KI Campus in Flemingsberg. There are 30 studio apartments, 4 shared three-bedroom apartments, 35 shared two-bedroom apartments and 15 family apartments.

KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg
KI Residence Flemingsberg

Postal address

Alfred Nobels Allé 27-39 B
141 52 Huddinge

Public transport

Closest commuter train station: Flemingsberg (700-800 meters)
Closest bus stop: Anatomivägen (350 meters) or Flemingsberg Station (700-800 meters)


Ica Maxi Flemingsberg – Ebba Bååts Torg (950 meters)
Nya Pulsen – Röntgenvägen 7 (1000 meters)

General information

Three different types of accommodation are provided:

  • Shared apartment
    There are 35 shared two-bedroom apartments where two students each have an own single bedroom (single bed) and share kitchen, living room and bathroom.
    There are also 4 three-bedroom apartments, that consist of two single bedrooms (with one single bed) and one double room (with two single beds). The kitchen, living room and two bathrooms are shared. The double rooms are intended for a tenant who is bringing a partner, or a friend.
  • Studio apartment
    A private studio apartment (one bed size 140x200cm) with kitchenette and bathroom.
  • Family apartment
    A private apartment with two bedrooms, a combined living room/dining area, kitchen and bathroom.

Maximum rental time

1 year




Researchers with family have priority for our family apartments.

Maximum occupancy

  • Maximum occupancy per single room: one person
  • Maximum occupancy per double room: two persons
  • Maximum occupancy per studio apartment: two persons
  • Maximum occupancy per family apartment: four persons


The accommodation area “KI Residence Flemingsberg” is located right on the KI Campus in Flemingsberg, in southern Stockholm.

There are several stores, cafés, restaurants and a fitness gym in “Flemingsberg Centrum” which is located only a few hundred meters from our apartments at Alfred Nobels Allé.


The building is called Nobelus and consists of a total of 433 apartments which are rented to students, PhD students and researchers from different universities.

Apartment description

Single room in shared apartment (for one person)

  • Private room in shared apartment, size 7-8 square meters
  • Bed size 90 x 200 cm
  • Access to common kitchen, living room and bathrooms. These facilities are shared with 1-3 other tenant/s in the apartment depending on if it is a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment.
  • The kitchen is equipped with basic cooking utensils
  • Combined washing machine/tumble drier in bathroom


The rent is SEK 5233 per month for a single room in two-bedroom apartment and SEK 4723 per month for a single room in three-bedroom apartment.

Double room in shared apartment (if you are bringing your partner or a friend)

  • Private room in shared three-bedroom apartment, size 14 square meters
  • 2 beds, size 90 x 200 cm (x 2)
  • Access to common kitchen, living room and bathrooms. These facilities are shared with the other tenants in the apartment.
  • The kitchen is equipped with basic cooking utensils
  • Combined washing machine/tumble drier in bathroom


The rent is SEK 7344 per month

Studio apartment (for one person, two friends or a couple)

  • Private studio apartment, size 24-25 square meters
  • Queen bed, size 140 x 200 cm
  • Private bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Kitchenette with basic cooking utensils
  • Combined washing machine/tumble drier in bathroom


The rent is SEK 7793 per month 

Family apartment (for families with children)

  • Private apartment, size 43 square meters
  • 2 small bedrooms and one combined living room and dining area
  • One of the bedrooms has one queen bed, size 160 x 200 cm and the other bedroom has a bunk bed for two, each size 90 x 200 cm
  • Private bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Private kitchen with basic cooking utensils
  • Combined washing machine/tumble drier in bathroom


The rent is SEK 10 475 per month.

Accommodation details


All rooms, studios and apartments are equipped with mattress, mattress cover, quilt and pillow.

Please note that you need to bring your own bed linen and towels.


The tenant is responsible for keeping the room/studio/apartment (and its furniture) clean during the whole lease and for leaving it clean for the new tenant.

Deficiencies regarding the inventory must be reported to the KI Housing office. When a tenant is leaving, damaged and/or missing items will be replaced and charged to the tenant.


There is a modem in every studio/apartment. You will find the name of the network and the password on the modem. Note that you will not be able to get a refund if the internet service is unstable or down.

At this link, you will find our terms and conditions for use of the internet service provided by KI Housing. An internet guide can also be downloaded at this link.


The apartments are not equipped with TV-sets.

Common facilities in shared apartments

Tenants living in a shared apartment are sharing kitchen, living room and bathroom with each other. All kitchens are equipped with basic cooking utensils.

The apartments that are shared by two tenants have one bathroom, and the apartments that are shared by three or four tenants have one bathroom and one separate WC.

Common facilities – code of conduct

Anyone using the common facilities is responsible for keeping them clean and leaving them in good order after use. Please see our information about rules and regulations that you as a tenant must follow and refer to.

Area information

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment is available in all apartments (vacuum cleaner, mop and pail).

Garbage disposal

The domestic waste disposals are located outside the entrance of Alfred Nobels Allé 29, Alfred Nobels Allé 37 and between the entrances at Alfred Nobels Allé 37 and 39.

The landlord Byggvesta asks you to separate your food waste from the other domestic waste and throw it in the food waste container located outside the gym at Alfred Nobels Allé 37B. Food waste is anything that is left over after you have cooked or what is left on the plate. It should be put in a brown paper bag (those bags can be picked up at your local store). Please throw nothing but food waste into the sorting.

All tenants have also access to the recycling room located between Alfred Nobels allé 31-33, beside the second garage. You open the door by blipping your electronic key tag. It is prohibited to leave garbage in the stairwells/exterior corridors/balconies.  If you have any bulky waste like sofas, tables, beds and other furniture you must take them to the SRV recycling center at Regulatorvägen 3 in Flemingsberg.

If any waste is left in the common areas, the landlord Byggvesta will charge the tenant a penalty fee of SEK 500 for throwing the waste in the assigned container/disposal.

For further information about the garbage disposal in our areas and waste separation guidelines, we refer to the information written at this link.


The mailboxes are located outside the entrances. You will get a key for your mailbox.

Bike storage

There is a bicycle room on the main entrance floor at Alfred Nobels Allé 27.


The company Aimo park provides parking in the area. Please call their customer support at 0771-969006 for information about available parking lots and rates etcetera.

Smoke detectors

The apartments are equipped with smoke detectors. KI Housing checks the detector between tenants and the tenant is responsible for notifying us of any deficiency of the detector during the tenancy. If you hear a beeping sound, the battery of the detector needs to be exchanged. Please remove the battery and submit a maintenance service request in the customer portal.

Fire safety

For information about the fire safety in our areas, we refer to the information written at this link.

Laundry room

There is no common laundry room in this area. All apartments have a washing machine and tumble dryer or a combined washing machine/tumble dryer depending on the size of the apartment. Use of the washing machine/tumble dryer in the apartments is free of charge. However, consider the environment before washing: do not do laundry more than you have to and use the tumble dryer only if needed.

Note that use of the washing machine/tumble dryer affects the electricity consumption. If the cost for electricity exceeds the cost of normal electricity consumption, this will be charged to the tenant.

You will find an instruction/user manual in each apartment or it can be downloaded at this link.

Lock in service position

The locks in KI Residence Flemingsberg can be placed in service position. When the lock is in service position it is possible for maintenance staff to enter the apartment with a service key when you are not at home.

If you have reported a maintenance matter that needs to be taken care of, it is therefore important to always place the lock in service position!

When you have submitted a maintenance request, we ask you to always place the lock in service position when you are leaving the apartment, until the maintenance matter has been solved.

A fee of SEK 300 will be charged if the maintenance staff cannot enter the apartment when they come to solve the maintenance issue.

At this link, you can see a video of how to lock your door and place it in service position.

Disturbance call

If a party/gathering is disturbing during the quiet time and neighbors therefore call the on-call emergency services, the responsible for the gathering may be charged a substantial sum for the visit from the emergency services.


How to get here from the central station

Take the commuter train from the central station towards Södertälje C. Get off at Flemingsberg. Take the exit called “Flemingsbergs Station”.

From there you may walk to Alfred Nobels Allé 27-39B (about 600-750 meters).

*Always check the journey planner at SL as bus stops and routes may change.

See the map at this link for further details.

How to get to the KI Campus Flemingsberg

The apartments are located on the KI Campus in Flemingsberg.

How to get to the KI Campus Solna

From KI Campus Flemingsberg you may take the free shuttle bus that connects the Solna and Flemingsberg Campuses (only on weekdays). Please see this link for information regarding how to find the free shuttle service on Campus in Flemingsberg. The journey from KI Campus in Flemingsberg to Solna takes approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the traffic situation.

You can also use the public transport to go to the KI Campus in Solna. If you prefer this alternative, you can take the commuter train from Flemingsberg towards Uppsala, Märsta, Kungsängen or Bålsta. Get off at Stockholm Odenplan and from there you may walk to the Campus in Solna (about 1.7 kilometers). You can also catch bus No. 53 from Odenplan towards Karolinska institutet. Get off at Karolinska Institutet Västra. The average travel time from door to door is about 50 minutes.

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