Allocation of funding 2023

The Committee for Research has on January 30, 2024, decided on the allocation of the funding for eight positions as Assistant Professor and eleven Consolidator grants for researchers already employed by KI. The applicants that has been awarded with funding and approved publication of their name on the website are listed below in alphabetical order.

The awarded candidates for funding as Assistant Professor are: 

  • Konstantinos Chiotis
  • Anna Kågesten
  • Jiayao Lei
  • Harald Lund
  • David Marlevi
  • Bahira Shahim
  • Daniel Sheward 
  • Oscar Wiklander

The awarded candidates, who were selected from 117 qualified applicants, will receive up to 1.0 million SEK per year over six years to be used for own salary. Additionally, 1.0 million SEK will be available for the awarded applicants as a startup contribution for research.

The awarded candidates for the Consolidator grant are:

  • Joakim Dahlin, Department of Medicine, Solna  
  • Carmen Gerlach, Department of Medicine, Solna
  • Sidinh Luc, Department of Medicine, Huddinge
  • Mikael Lundqvist, Department of Clinical Neuroscience 
  • Niklas Mejhert, Department of Medicine, Huddinge     
  • Ujjwal Neogi, Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • Joana Pereira, Department of Clinical Neuroscience          
  • Dhifaf Sarhan, Department of Laboratory Medicine     
  • Erdinc Sezgin, Department of Women’s and Children’s health
  • Lu Yi, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
  • Hugo Zeberg, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

The awarded candidates, who were selected from 57 qualified applicants, will receive up to 1.2 million SEK per year over five years to be used for own salary. Up to 50 percent may be used for research related costs.


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