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Financial Summary 2023

Omslag Financial Report 2023

Strategy 2030

Strategy 2030 is the joint business plan for Karolinska Institutet expressed in goals and assignments.

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Global Bachelor's & Master's Programmes

Collaborate with Karolinska Institutet

Image of the brochure "Collaborate with KI"

The brochure contains information on what is required to collaborate with Karolinska Institutet regarding research; commissioned research or other types of collaborative research.

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From Cell to Society

Cell to Society 2023

KI's new professors on their research. Can only be ordered as a pdf.

Karolinska Institutet and the Macchiarini case

A summary in english and swedish.

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Printed information material

Some of Karolinska Institutet's information material can be ordered in printed format. You can order a maximum of 10 copies of each brochure.

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Due to the accessibility directive, which means that pdfs, among other things, must be accessible, you cannot download all files from yourself.

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