Doctoral Theses

Doctoral theses defended for the last 5 years


Atika Khalaf. Nutrition, weight status and physical activity in Saudi Arabia – with special focus on women. 2014.

Patric Lundberg. Mental disorder, sexual risk behaviour, sexual violence and HIV in Uganda, 2014.


Owolabi Bjälkander. Female genital mutilation in Sierra Leone. 2013.

Sozan Elmusharaf. Female genital mutilation determinants and consequences among girls and women in Sudan. 2013.

Abela Agnarsson. Multiple sexual relationships and the stigma associated with anti-retroviral therapy in rural Tanzania: Implications for HIV prevention and treatment interventions, 2013.

Pham Nguyen Ha. Human Resources and the Response to HIV in Vietnam : Policies and Health Workers' Perspectives, 2013.

Xin Lu. Respondent-Driven Sampling : Theory, Limitations & Improvements, 2013

Hanani Tabana. Uptake of HIV testing : assessing the impact of a home-based intervention in rural South Africa, 2013.

Vu Van Tam. Enhanced Antiretroviral treatment support in relation to Quality of Life and Virological failure in low income setting : A cluster randomized controlled trial in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, 2013.

Yanga Zembe. Sexual risk taking and HIV vulnerability among young women in post-apartheid South Africa, 2013


Gorrette Nalwadda. Contraceptive use among young people in Uganda. Exploration of obstacles, enablers, and quality of services. 2012.

Ketkesone Phrasisombath. Female sex workers in Savannakhet, Laos: Perceptions, care seeking behaviour and barriers related to sexually transmitted infection services. 2012.

Elin Larsson. Missed opportunities : prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Uganda, 2012.

Linus Bengtsson. Assessing sexual risk behavior among men who have sex with men in Vietnam : development and use of a new Internet-based sampling method, 2012.


Opondo Ujiji Awiti. Striving for Motherhood – Towards a contextualised PMTCT Policy in Kenya. 2011

Ziad El-Khatib. Virologic failure and HIV-1 drug resistance among antiretroviral therapy recipients in an urban resource-limited setting - the South African Virologic Evaluation (SAVE) study, 2011.

Muhamadi Lubega. Lost in Transition: Pre-antiretroviral Care and Delayed Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda, 2011.

Edith Mroso. Motivations and Deterrents to Take Part in an HIV Vaccine Trial: Experiences from Study Participants in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2011.

Anastasia Pharris. HIV-related stigma in Vietnam : implications for the prevention and control of HIV in concentrated epidemic settings, 2011

Salla Atkins. Improving adherence: An evaluation of the enhanced tuberculosis adherence model in Cape Town, South Africa, 2011


Caetano Pereira. Task-shifting of major surgery to midlevel providers of health care in Mozambique and Tanzania – a solution to the crisis in human resources to enhance maternal and neonatal survival. 2010.

Saima Hamid.  Becoming a Woman in Silence – Studies on Preparedness for Reproductive Life of Young Women in Pakistan, 2010.

Anders Ragnarsson. Men and Sex : Construction of male sexuality and the implications for HIV prevention in urban settings in Kenya and South Africa, 2010.

Christian Unge. Uptake, adherence and discontinuation of antiretroviral treatment in the Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya, 2010

Jolly Beyeza. Fertility and HIV Infection : Fertility Decision-making Challenges of Mutually- Disclosed Discordant Couples and Young People, 2010.

Ann-Sofie Åsander. HIV-infected African parents living in Stockholm, Sweden - social networks, disclosure, parenthood, and knowledge about HIV-transmission, 2010