Neuroscience Administration

The Administration and Infrastructure at the Department of Neuroscience consists of 13 employees who provide services for economy, human resources, IT, as well as general infrastructure such as reception, premises, recycling and waste disposal, dishwashing, electronic and mechanical workshops, etc.

All matters concerning personnel and economy are managed centrally by the Department, with the goal that researchers and teachers will have more time for their primary activities.

Two employees are responsible for the Department’s IT and provide support to users. They work in cooperation with KI’s central IT Office.

For services that require specialist competence such as procurement and legal matters, assistance is acquired from the central KI administration.

Besides providing service to researchers and teachers, another important task is that the Department administration and infrastructure is responsible for ensuring that all laws and rules are followed, as well as ensuring that the Department’s commission as a public authority is correctly managed.

Team Members:
Åsa Garmager, Head of Administration
Christina Ingvarsson, Human Resources (HR)
Axel Bergwik, Human Resources (HR)
Therese Brogårde, Head of Accounting
Sofia Aminoff, Accountant
Boje Persson, Supervisor, Department Logistics
Elzbieta Holmberg, Receptionist
Filip Lindholm, IT Technician
Michael Wulff, IT Technician
Anders Lindquist, Toolmaker
Frida Holmqvist, Technical Assistant
Eliana Sobarzo, Technical Assistant