Third cycle (doctoral) education

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There are approximately 80 registered PhD students conducting research within a wide range of areas, from educational research to research on disaster medicine.

Many of the doctoral students are registered in areas that affect large amounts of people as complications during labour, stroke, diabetes, allergy and HIV.

Information about Doctoral education at KI

Before applying to doctoral education it's important to know about general rules and routines. More information about doctoral education can be found at KI:s pages about doctoral education


Applications are to be submitted at the latest the below dates in order to be applicable for admission. Remember that you have to send in the form for application for assessment of eligibility (form 1) in good time before you apply for admission to doctoral studies (3 weeks processing time). This form has to be sent to the central administration at KI and after their decision it has to be enclosed with your application for doctoral studies to the department.

Information and form for application for assessment of eligibility

For a complete application to doctoral studies you will need the forms 1, 2 and 3 (with required attachments). You can find the forms at this page: Forms and documents for doctoral education

More information regarding Rules and general syllabus can be found here

Last date for application HT16 Admissions seminar HT16
August 25 September 29
October 20 November 24
Last date for application VT17 Admissions seminar VT17
January 26 March 7
May 4 June 8

All applications will be reviewed by the Admission board. The main supervisor should be present at the admissions seminar. 

The Admission Board at KI SÖS

Member Clinic
Christer Svensén, Chairman Anaesthesia dept./CU
Patrik Lyngå Cardiology dept.
Anna Lindholm Olinder Sachsska Childrens hospital
Axel Mie Research centre
Eva Joelsson Alm Anaesthesia dept./CU
Hans Pettersson Statistician
Cesare Patrone Research centre

Admitted PhD-students

Björn af Ugglas, SÖS AB
Ani Henttonen, Sophiahemmet Högskola
Alexander Hallgren, Vo Ortopedi SÖS
Thorsten Schriever, Vo Handkirurgi SÖS

Half-time review

The half-time review shall be carried out for every doctoral student who will be taking a doctorate. The procedures for half-time review are the same for all the departments at Karolinska Institutet. 

However, a few routines and forms are unique to KI SÖS. The principal supervisor should at the latest 6 weeks prior to the half-time review propose 3 board members. Application form for half-time review at KI SÖS.


The doctoral courses are advertised twice yearly and the last application date is 15 May (autumn courses) and 15 November (spring courses). Doctoral courses catalogue. KI SÖS are responsible for a number of these courses, for example in statistics, Basics of qualitative research and KI SÖS School of Clinical Research. Currently a few of our courses are given in English.

PhD students representatives

The aim of the representatives at KI SÖS is to work for a research friendly environment and guard the interest of the doctoral students in the decision process. The PhD students representatives are members of the Department council and other committees at the department.


Please contact Christer Svensén, Director of Postgraduate Studies at KI SÖS or Jeanette Öhrman, doctoral administrator at KI SÖS, if you have any questions.

Professor, senior

Christer Svensen



Jeanette Öhrman

Phone: +46-(0)8-616 29 35
Organizational unit: Department of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS), S1