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The department conducts an extensive clinical research in several areas. The department has about 70 registered doctoral students and approximately 5-10 of them graduate every year.

Danderyd hospital, photo: Staffan Larsson

Researchers at the department publish approximately 100 publications in international scientific journals every year. The department also has extensive commissioned research.

Every year, about 400 first level students conduct their medical education at the department.



Department of Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital
182 88 Stockholm, Sweden



Visiting address

House 18, floor 5, elevator C
Danderyd hospital/Danderyds sjukhus

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Head of department, Erik Näslund

Head of department

Erik Näslund

Phone: 08-123 550 17
Organizational unit: Ledningsgrupp
Department: Department of Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital (KI DS)
E-mail: Erik.Naslund@ki.se

Assistant head of Department

Håkan Wallén

Phone: 08-123 567 84
Cell phone: 0707-37 49 35
E-mail: hakan.wallen@ds.se

Head of administration

Åsa Misic

Phone: 08-123 570 21
Cell phone: 070-642 18 42
E-mail: asa.misic@ki.se



Accounting supervisor

Thomas Pettersson

Phone: 08-123 564 92
Cell phone: 076-941 66 93
E-mail: thomas.pettersson@ki.se

Human Resources

HR administrator

Nina Ringart

Phone: 08-123 564 12
Cell phone: 076-949 49 65
E-mail: nina.ringart@ki.se


Education coordinator

Liselott Salomonsson

Phone: 08-123 564 44
Cell phone: 076-051 93 05
E-mail: Liselott.Salomonsson@ki.se

Educational administrator

Kristian Hagfors

Phone: 073-784 16 45
E-mail: Kristian.Hagfors@ki.se

Purchases and licenses


Linda Hedlund

Phone: 08-123 564 45
E-mail: linda.hedlund@ki.se


Questions about purchases? Please contact Linda Hedlund

Questions about website, IT, licences and computer programs? Please contact Linda Hedlund

Questions about travel? Please contact Linda Hedlund

Questions about commissioned education? Please contact Åsa Misic

Questions about medical subjects? Please contact Catharina Nygren Deboussard catharina.nygren-deboussard@ds.se