Equality and diversity

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Karolinska Institutet (KI) sets demanding goals for research and education. We aim to be one of Europe's leading medical universities, and among the best in the world. This also means that we must have students and employees who are happy in their work, and are given opportunities to develop their skills. A pleasant environment for studying and working favours creativity and provides the right conditions for cooperation and discussion.

We need a multitude of voices in KI in order to develop our core activity  a first-class education that provides the intellectual infrastructure for an international research career and a future in health and medical care  plus a clear striving for excellence in many research areas.

It is my firm belief that all students and employees working together can create an open and creative environment. This is vital for success in education and research. For that reason, factors such as gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age cannot be allowed to stand in the way.

Let us work together to improve the health of our fellow human beings by ourselves contributing to a tolerant and open organisation.


The University Board and the President bear the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that KI is carrying out goal-directed work in the sphere of equal treatment.

The Council for equal treatment is to operate strategically with KI:s current Action plan for equal treatment 2013-2015 at central-level, and also to support equal treatment at the local level (departments and study programmes etc.). The Council is to operate strategically, based on the 7 grounds for discrimination described in the Discrimination Act.

The Council for equal treatment

  • Chairman - Christer Sandahl
  • Håkan Westerblad, Representative, Board of Doctoral Education
  • Klara Bolander Laksov, Representative, Board of Higher Education
  • Camilla Sjögren, Representative, Board of Research
  • Thomas Tinglöv, Head of Administration, BioNut
  • Jan Hillert, Head of department representative
  • Mona Esbjörnsson, Equal Treatment Representative, MedH
  • Åsa Winther, Junior Faculty
  • Vacant, Student representative
  • Vacant, Student representative
  • Vacant, Doctoral representative
  • Henry Wölling, SEKO
  • Carina Eklund, OFR/ST
  • Massimiliano Ria, SACO
  • Sylvie Garnbeck, Coordinator
  • Caroline Olsson, Coordinator
  • Tina Teljstedt, Coordinator

Equal Treatment representatives at the Departments

Each department should have a Equal Treatment representative. The representative should give support to the equal treatment activities at the Department. The Head of Department is responsible for the equal teratment activities at the Department.


Coordinator of equal treatment and widening participation:

Administrative officer

Caroline Olsson

Phone: 08-524 865 06
Organizational unit: Faculty Office and International Relations
E-mail: Caroline.Olsson@ki.se

Personnel consultant, Coordinator of equal treatment-employees:

HR consultant

Sylvie Garnbeck

Phone: 08-524 860 87
Organizational unit: Negotiation unit
E-mail: Sylvie.Garnbeck@ki.se

Coordinator for students with disabilities:


Tina Teljstedt

Phone: 08-524 860 04
Organizational unit: Student- och karriärservice
E-mail: Tina.Teljstedt@ki.se