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Molecular Aging of Human Liver: An Epigenetic/Transcriptomic Signature
Bacalini Mg, Franceschi C, Gentilini D, Ravaioli F, Zhou X, Remondini D, et al
The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences 2019;74(1):1-8

Age-Related Epigenetic Derangement upon Reprogramming and Differentiation of Cells from the Elderly
Ravaioli F, Bacalini Mg, Franceschi C, Garagnani P
Genes 2018;9(1):-

Evaluation of Lymphocyte Response to the Induced Oxidative Stress in a Cohort of Ageing Subjects, including Semisupercentenarians and Their Offspring
Sizzano F, Collino S, Cominetti O, Monti D, Garagnani P, Ostan R, et al

Genes associated with Type 2 Diabetes and vascular complications
Montesanto A, Bonfigli Ar, Crocco P, Garagnani P, De Luca M, Boemi M, et al
Aging 2018;10(2):178-196

Impact of demography and population dynamics on the genetic architecture of human longevity
Giuliani C, Sazzini M, Pirazzini C, Bacalini Mg, Marasco E, Ruscone Gag, et al
Aging 2018;10(8):1947-1963

Inflammaging: a new immune-metabolic viewpoint for age-related diseases
Franceschi C, Garagnani P, Parini P, Giuliani C, Santoro A
Nature reviews. Endocrinology 2018;14(10):576-590

Mandibuloacral dysplasia: A premature ageing disease with aspects of physiological ageing
Cenni V, D'apice Mr, Garagnani P, Columbaro M, Novelli G, Franceschi C, et al
Ageing research reviews 2018;42():1-13

Physical Activity and Nutrition INfluences In ageing (PANINI): consortium mission statement
Whittaker Ac, Delledonne M, Finni T, Garagnani P, Greig C, Kallen V, et al
Aging clinical and experimental research 2018;30(6):685-692

Responders and non-responders to influenza vaccination: A DNA methylation approach on blood cells
Gensous N, Franceschi C, Blomberg Bb, Pirazzini C, Ravaioli F, Gentilini D, et al
Experimental gerontology 2018;105():94-100

The Continuum of Aging and Age-Related Diseases: Common Mechanisms but Different Rates
Franceschi C, Garagnani P, Morsiani C, Conte M, Santoro A, Grignolio A, et al
Frontiers in medicine 2018;5():61-

Acceleration of leukocytes' epigenetic age as an early tumor and sex-specific marker of breast and colorectal cancer
Durso Df, Bacalini Mg, Sala C, Pirazzini C, Marasco E, Bonafé M, et al
Oncotarget 2017;8(14):23237-23245

Age-related modulation of plasmatic beta-Galactosidase activity in healthy subjects and in patients affected by T2DM
Spazzafumo L, Mensà E, Matacchione G, Galeazzi T, Zampini L, Recchioni R, et al
Oncotarget 2017;8(55):93338-93348

Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis in blood cells from patients with Werner syndrome
Guastafierro T, Bacalini Mg, Marcoccia A, Gentilini D, Pisoni S, Di Blasio Am, et al
Clinical epigenetics 2017;9():92-

High Cellular Monocyte Activation in People Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus on Combination Antiretroviral Therapy and Lifestyle-Matched Controls Is Associated With Greater Inflammation in Cerebrospinal Fluid
Comorbidity In Relation To Aids (cobra) Collaboration , Booiman T, Wit Fw, Maurer I, De Francesco D, Sabin Ca, et al
Open forum infectious diseases 2017;4(3):ofx108-

Identification of a T cell gene expression clock obtained by exploiting a MZ twin design
Remondini D, Intrator N, Sala C, Pierini M, Garagnani P, Zironi I, et al
Scientific reports 2017;7(1):6005-

The epigenetic landscape of age-related diseases: the geroscience perspective
Gensous N, Bacalini Mg, Pirazzini C, Marasco E, Giuliani C, Ravaioli F, et al
Biogerontology 2017;18(4):549-559

Genome-wide association meta-analysis of human longevity identifies a novel locus conferring survival beyond 90 years of age
Deelen J, Beekman M, Uh Hw, Broer L, Ayers Kl, Tan Q, et al
Human molecular genetics 2014;23(16):4420-32

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