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Health economic evaluations of patient education interventions a scoping review of the literature
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Measuring care transitions in Sweden: validation of the care transitions measure
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Planning for the Discharge, not for Patient Self-Management at Home - An Observational and Interview Study of Hospital Discharge
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Safe medication management in specialized home healthcare - an observational study
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The case of value-based healthcare for people living with complex long-term conditions
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The Supporting Patient Activation in Transition to Home (sPATH) intervention: a study protocol of a randomised controlled trial using motivational interviewing to decrease re-hospitalisation for patients with COPD or heart failure
Flink M, Lindblad M, Frykholm O, Kneck Å, Nilsen P, Årestedt K, et al
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Training in client-centeredness enhances occupational therapist documentation on goal setting and client participation in goal setting in the medical records of people with stroke
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User-centered design of integrated eHealth to improve patients' activation in transitional care
Frykholm O, Flink M, Lindblad M, Ekstedt M

Patient-centered handovers between hospital and primary health care: an assessment of medical records
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Improving patient discharge and reducing hospital readmissions by using Intervention Mapping
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Organizational Culture An Important Context for Addressing and Improving Hospital to Community Patient Discharge
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Are patients discharged with care? A qualitative study of perceptions and experiences of patients, family members and care providers
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Beliefs and experiences can influence patient participation in handover between primary and secondary care--a qualitative study of patient perspectives
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Conducting a multicentre and multinational qualitative study on patient transitions
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Evaluation of a predevelopment service delivery intervention: an application to improve clinical handovers
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Searching for the missing pieces between the hospital and primary care: mapping the patient process during care transitions
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The key actor: a qualitative study of patient participation in the handover process in Europe
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