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Automated segmentation of midbrain structures with high iron content
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Higher Striatal Iron Concentration is Linked to Frontostriatal Underactivation and Poorer Memory in Normal Aging
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Association of Vitamin B12, Folate, and Sulfur Amino Acids With Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measures in Older Adults: A Longitudinal Population-Based Study
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Telomerase Gene (hTERT) and Survival: Results From Two Swedish Cohorts of Older Adults
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Three-year changes in leisure activities are associated with concurrent changes in white matter microstructure and perceptual speed in individuals aged 80 years and older
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Binding in working memory and frontal lobe in normal aging: is there any similarity with autism?
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HHEX_23 AA Genotype Exacerbates Effect of Diabetes on Dementia and Alzheimer Disease: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study
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Memory self-efficacy beliefs modulate brain activity when encoding real-world future intentions
Kalpouzos G, Eriksson J
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The dimensionality of between-person differences in white matter microstructure in old age
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Local brain atrophy accounts for functional activity differences in normal aging
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Preserved Hippocampus Activation in Normal Aging as Revealed by fMRI
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Rewiring the brain with repeated retrieval: A parametric fMRI study of the testing effect
Eriksson J, Kalpouzos G, Nyberg L
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The size of the anterior corpus callosum correlates with the strength of hemispheric encoding-retrieval asymmetry in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex
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Longitudinal evidence for diminished frontal cortex function in aging
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Neurocognitive Systems Related to Real-World Prospective Memory
Kalpouzos G, Eriksson J, Sjolie D, Molin J, Nyberg L
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Structural and Metabolic Correlates of Episodic Memory in Relation to the Depth of Encoding in Normal Aging
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Voxel-based mapping of brain gray matter volume and glucose metabolism profiles in normal aging
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Cerebral imaging in healthy aging: contrast with Alzheimer disease
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Cognitive reserve and neural networks in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease
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Three-dimensional surface mapping of hippocampal atrophy progression from MCI to AD and over normal aging as assessed using voxel-based morphometry
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Working memory and FDG-PET dissociate early and late onset Alzheimer disease patients
Kalpouzos G, Eustache F, De La Sayette V, Viader F, Chetelat G, Desgranges B
JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2005;252(5):548-58

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