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Development of a Mobile Clinical Prediction Tool to Estimate Future Depression Severity and Guide Treatment in Primary Care: User-Centered Design
Wachtler C, Coe A, Davidson S, Fletcher S, Mendoza A, Sterling L, et al
JMIR mHealth and uHealth 2018;6(4):e95-

Target-D: a stratified individually randomized controlled trial of the diamond clinical prediction tool to triage and target treatment for depressive symptoms in general practice: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Gunn J, Wachtler C, Fletcher S, Davidson S, Mihalopoulos C, Palmer V, et al
Trials 2017;18(1):342-

Mental health interventions and future major depression among primary care patients with subthreshold depression
Davidson Sk, Harris Mg, Dowrick Cf, Wachtler Ca, Pirkis J, Gunn Jm
Journal of affective disorders 2015;177():65-73

Functional and structural alterations in the cingulate motor area relate to decreased fronto-striatal coupling in major depressive disorder with psychomotor disturbances
Liberg B, Klauser P, Harding Ih, Adler M, Rahm C, Lundberg J, et al
Frontiers in psychiatry 2014;5():176-

Pain, power and patience - A narrative study of general practitioners' relations with chronic pain patients
Kristiansson Mh, Brorsson A, Wachtler C, Troein M

Using narrative analysis to understand the combined use of complementary therapies and bio-medically oriented health care
Hök J, Wachtler C, Falkenberg T, Tishelman C
Social science & medicine (1982) 2007;65(8):1642-53

Humanities for medical students? A qualitative study of a medical humanities curriculum in a medical school program
Wachtler C, Lundin S, Troein M
BMC medical education 2006;6():16-

Meeting and treating cultural difference in primary care: a qualitative interview study
Wachtler C, Brorsson A, Troein M
FAMILY PRACTICE 2006;23(1):111-5

A hidden curriculum: mapping cultural competency in a medical programme
Wachtler C, Troein M
MEDICAL EDUCATION 2003;37(10):861-8

Escherichia coli P fimbriae utilize the Toll-like receptor 4 pathway for cell activation
Frendeus B, Wachtler C, Hedlund M, Fischer H, Samuelsson P, Svensson M, et al

Toll-like receptor signaling and chemokine receptor expression influence the severity of urinary tract infection
Svanborg C, Frendeus B, Godaly G, Hang L, Hedlund M, Wachtler C

Type 1 fimbriae deliver an LPS- and TLR4-dependent activation signal to CD14-negative cells
Hedlund M, Frendeus B, Wachtler C, Hang L, Fischer H, Svanborg C

P fimbriae-dependent, lipopolysaccharide-independent activation of epithelial cytokine responses
Hedlund M, Wachtler C, Johansson E, Hang L, Somerville Je, Darveau Rp, et al

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