Genetic analysis

KIGene is a well-established node at Karolinska Institutet with more than thirty years experiences of running a core facility. We offer genetic analyses, covering DNA sequencing, gene expression, genotyping, miRNA profiling and copy number variation, as well as epigenetic analysis and digital spatial profiling of RNA and protein on tissue slides.
KIGene is open to academic and non-academic users from Sweden and abroad.


Our vision is to provide a high quality, reliable, high efficiency and flexible core facility. In order to meet the increasing demand on higher throughput and efficiency, as well as on cheaper analyses, we have introduced several options for gene expression and genetic variations, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), microsatellite markers, insertion/deletion polymorphisms and copy number variation.

Flexible service

"Hands-on" service: The user receives a short introduction by experienced personnel regarding sample preparation and operation of the instruments. Each user reserves a date and time for occupying an instrument by a booking system.

"Hands-off" service: The user provides us with pre-made sequence or fragment analysis reactions and we are performing the analysis. The resulting files are transferred to each user by e-mail.

Full-service: The user provides us with starting materials- as saliva, biopsies, DNA, oligonucleotides- and we are performing the analysis. The resulting files are transferred to each user by e-mail.

We provide:                                             

  • Sanger DNA sequencing services with turn-around time within the same day
  • Genotyping (SNP and fragment length analysis)
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Copy number variation
  • Rare target detection
  • miRNA profiling
  • DNA methylation analysis
  • Quantity and quality determination of RNA, DNA, protein and dye incorporation
  • User support and training courses
Instruments and applications at KIGene core facility
Instruments and applications at KIGene core facility Photo: N/A

Instruments and applications

Contact Information


KIGene, MMK, Translational Psychiatry, CMM L8:00, Karolinska University Hospital at Solna, 171 76 Stockholm.


Phone: 072-583 6760

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Professor, Scientific Director
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